Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aunt Mommy/Aunt Grandma #MFRW Authors #31

"The Good Ole Days" (before I was pubbed):
The year was 2000.  My youngest child was off to 1st grade, since Kindergarten was half day 'back then' and since I had a tendency to lose track of time while on the computer, I did other chores while keeping an eye on the clock.

So when she was off to school all day, I would happily get them off to school, watch the news until 9am, them turn on the radio, check my email, then get down to writing until both kids arrived home at 3:30.  Or I'd stop at 2:30 and go pick them up.  Homework and dinner would follow.

Fast-forward seventeen years:  I have 21 books published, plus five that need re-pubbed; three children (a caboose arrived in 2004), and three grandchildren (only 1 biological).  My two adult children are working and one is even going back to college later this month; my oldest granddaughter decided this summer to live with us and go to school down here; my baby is in 7th grade, and the youngest granddaughter enters full-day kindergarten.

In other words....I get my LIFE back!

But no more all day writing stints.  Oh no.  Now I have to check in with social media; manage 3 email accounts; check in with chat loops (I really only keep up with 2 instead of 17); manage 2 blogs; and do my daily FlyLady housecleaning. 

All before lunch.

Depending on Grumpy Claus's plans, I'll either run errands with him (which sometimes includes lunch!) or stay home and either attempt to write, or dive into 'decluttering' mode and work on either of the two houses we're cleaning out, or sort through the storage unit.  As previously mentioned, I'm also waiting on him to install some electrical outlets downstairs so I can set up my stereo and home office.

After dinner, I freely admit I'm a TV addict.  I have many shows that I love to watch, and depending on what days, sometimes mine end up on the DVR.  If I get too behind, then some of my daylight hours are spent watching them, or even late at night.  On the weekends, I enjoy getting up early to do this also.  I'm also binge-watching Criminal Minds on NetFlix, so at least 2 hours a day is wasted  spent lying on my bed....

So while I would love to lead you to believe I write from 9am-3 again, it's just not possible.

Maybe when all my kids are grown and that 'empty nest' is finally here??????

Come back in 2030.  I'll let you know.

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Again, this weekend I'm promoting my books (and a brand-new author's 1st book!) at our local Watermelon Festival tonight and tomorrow.  I'll check in either Sunday or Monday!


Unknown said...

I hate to disappoint you, but even when you have an empty nest, it's ridiculously hard to make time to write. There's the house to clean, and social media to keep up with, and the turtle to wax...(all those "important" things that must be done before your mind is clear enough to write) I swear, half the job of writing for me is just getting myself in the chair and my hands on the keyboard! Enjoyed your post!

Helen Henderson said...

An empty nest doesn't mean permanent writing time. Unless you lock the door, bolt the windows (or move) they seem to keep coming back.

Alina K. Field said...

I wish I could find housecleaning to be a useful time for mulling story ideas.

Anonymous said...

I second Sherry's and Helen's comments about empty nests. Of my four children, only one didn't move back in at some point after leaving. At the moment none of them live here, but now we babysit four days a week. I've never followed Helen's suggestion of locking the door and bolting the windows. That might work.

Of course, I wasn't usually the primary caregiver for my kids, but even being a dad means time and energy . . . and distractions.

Linda McLaughlin said...

LOL, Sherry is so right. And even if you don't have kids and grandkids, finding time to write can be a challenge. The social media stuff doesn't help, either.

Meka James said...

LOL I love the Grumpy Claus name.

It sounds like a lot of us are busy and writing isn't our only priority. It would be nice, but that's not reality. With school back in session starting next week, I'm hoping to get my 9-3 writing time in. I know I won't really write for all those hours. More like 2-3 if I'm lucky since social media is a time suck.

Cathy Brockman said...

I too hate to bust your bubble but empty next doesn't make more time. The housecleaning, yardwork, cooking, etc all remain as the dreaded social media!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks for commenting everyone!

@Sherry, Helen, Ed, Linda, and Cathy: I can dream, though, can't I? LOL!

@Alina: You'd think all this cleaning would inspire some sort of idea....

@Meka: I hear you! Amen!