CR Excerpts

“Here’s the thing:  We’re both single, in our forties, and established in our jobs.  Just because we’re attracted to each other doesn’t mean there has to be a romantic connection, does there?”
“Gee, Brian, if you put it like that why not just hire an escort for the evening?”  Pushing her hurt feelings aside, she stared at him.  “We’re both caught up in the moment. Let’s just fuck each other and see you again in five years?  Sorry; I don’t operate like that.”
“Look, you live five thousand miles away in Boise, right?  My job is here.  What’s the problem with a mutually satisfying night; we both let off some steam and have great sex? On Monday our lives will return to normal and no one gets hurt.  Unless you’ve got a boyfriend or something and feel guilty.”
“No, no boyfriend.”  Natalie set down her glass and cocked her head to one side.  “What the hell happened to you? Are you afraid of commitment now, just because Tracy left you, and some bitch screwed you over?  When was the last time you actually lived with someone, Brian?”  Natalie kept her voice low, but leaned closer.  “Do you know that when I heard the news of your marriage, I went out and rip roaring drunk?  For years, I waited for you to notice me, and you getting married finally woke me up to the fact you weren’t mine.  Where’s the man who stood on that podium and proclaimed ‘sex without love is a dead-end street’?”
“Yeah, well, I was naïve back then.”
“We all were.”  Find your courage, Natalie.  It’s now or never.  “Yes, I’d like to sleep with you, to spend the rest of the weekend with you.  But only on my terms, Brian.  If this happens tonight, I expect you to be considerate, not just cast me aside when the sun comes up in the morning.”
“God.  You want fucking roses in the morning?  We are so past that.”  He shook his head and reached for his beer.
“I don’t expect flowers. I want to get to know you out of bed too,” she tried to explain and looked him in the eye.  “I don’t want us to have to pretend we’re strangers tomorrow morning.  I know you’ve got a golf match. I’ll do something with the girls while you’re golfing, and meet you at the picnic afterwards.  We can have a quiet dinner and you can take me to the airport Monday morning.  That’s what I expect.  We take it from there.”  She smiled inwardly as she observed his gaze drop from her face to her breasts again.  “Unless you have a girlfriend who couldn’t make it tonight, and I’m just a substitute?”  Natalie took another drink of her wine and tried to check her emotions.  Good Lord; was this the way weekend sex was discussed?  It sounded so…cold.
Brian leaned in again and brushed his lips against hers.  “Where are you staying?  I’ll follow you.”

“Interesting how you and Brian both have Subway bags.  Why didn’t he just order from the club like the others?” She linked her arm with Natalie’s.
Natalie shrugged.  “Maybe he was in the mood for something different for a change?  I mean, who likes to eat at the same place all the time?”
“Ahhh, but he didn’t stop anywhere.  Brent and I followed him here.  So that begs the question, where did he get it?”  Lisa’s voice dropped to a murmur.  “Come on, Nat…you can tell me.”
“Okay. We discussed it last night while we were dancing,” Natalie lied.  “I mentioned Subway and he asked me to get him something.  End of story.”
Lisa made a disappointed sound.  “That’s all?  No juicy details?”
“What’s there to tell?  Lisa, I’m going back to Idaho tomorrow.  Why on earth would I hook up with someone I won’t see again for another ten years?”  Natalie struggled to keep her face neutral.
“Ah ha!  You’re turning pink, Natalie. You always were a lousy liar.  Tell me!”  Lisa dropped her arm and faced her.  “You didn’t have sex with a vibrator. You slept with Brian!  Oh my God!”  She clapped her hands over her mouth.  “Natalie…what were you thinking?”
Natalie looked around and motioned Lisa closer.  “I was curious?  He kept looking down my shirt. He kissed me and it was soooooo good…and I thought, ‘why the hell not?’  We’re both single, and…I sort of laid out my expectations.  He’s not to ignore me until I get on that plane, and we return to our lives.”
“He…what?”  Lisa blinked.  “So that’s why he’s sitting across from you? You blackmailed him into being with you today?”
“I wouldn’t call it blackmail; he said he wanted a ‘no strings attached’ night.  I told him I wasn’t a call girl, and that if he wanted to sleep with me, then he’d better not act like a freaking stranger toward me today.”  Natalie twisted her hands together.  “He told me a little more about what happened at the tenth and I’m determined to show him he’s wrong about women.  Is that so bad?”
“Nat…,”  Lisa took a deep breath.  “Are you still in love with him?”

“Our second night together and we’re already acting comfortable with each other.”  Natalie hugged him close.
“What do you mean?  We’ve been friends for years, Nat.  Just because we started sleeping together doesn’t change anything.”  In the dark, Natalie felt his hand stroke her breast through the cotton shirt.  “Like I said earlier, I thought we’d slow down a bit, and get to know each other.  But every time I’m near you, my dick swells so hard it’s all I can do to keep from jumping your bones.”  His voice grew husky as his hand slid under her shirt.  “Shit.  You left your panties on?  Take ‘em off.”
She felt his fingers assisting hers as she complied, tossing the silky scrap free of the blankets.  “Are you taking off yours?”  She ran her hand down his chest and stroked his length which poked out of the elastic.
“Coming right up.”  Soon they lay skin to skin from the waist down, exploring each other.
“Not fair,” he protested.  “Now I’m naked and you have a shirt on.”
“That’s easily taken care of.”  Soon, she was naked in his arms again.  “I actually like this better, but didn’t want you to think I was a sex maniac or anything.”
“You mean you’re not?  Darn…” Brian’s lips found hers.  His tongue probed the corners of her mouth as his hands rediscovered her curves.  “How long has it been since you’ve slept with someone?”  His fingers smoothed her hair from her forehead.
“At least two months.  You?”
“You don’t want to know…not now.”  He kissed her, but she pulled away.
“We said we’d be honest with each other,” she reminded him.  “Or does that only apply to certain questions?”
“Just trust me on this one.  I’m single; that’s all you need to know right now.”  He reached for her, but she rolled away.  “Damn it, Natalie….”
“Just answer the question.  You’re single, but you have, what, a favorite call girl or something?”
“Do you really have to know this right now?”
“What’s the problem, Brian?  You’re the one who asked me about my prior sex life.  Don’t you think I have the right to ask about yours?  Unless you have a habit of picking up hookers,…thank God you bought the condoms the other night.  At least you care enough to practice safe sex.”
“I don’t pick up hookers.  I don’t do that.”
“Then what’s the problem?”  She reached over and turned on the light.  “Do you or do you not have sex with anyone on a regular basis?”  Natalie hugged the blankets to her chest.
“I-okay, you want to know?  Fine, I’ll tell you.”  Brian sat up and faced her, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the light.  “Yes, I get together on a semi-regular basis with a woman who I met a few years ago.  We have an arrangement, and meet once a week for a drink and to relax a little.  There’s nothing serious going on; we just talk and enjoy each other for a couple of hours.  Is that so bad?”
“Are you…..never mind.  I guess I don’t have the right to ask.”  Natalie bit her lip.
“Am I going to see her this week?  I don’t know.  I told you this wasn’t going to be anything more than just a weekend thing, Natalie.”
“I know. I’m sorry I pushed the issue.”  She snapped off the light, but stayed curled up on her side of the bed.  “I guess I walked into that one.”
“No, I’m the one who started it.  I’m not going to apologize for my lifestyle…”
“And you shouldn’t have to.  You’re right. This is nothing more than a weekend fling.”
“Do you want me to leave?”

“For someone who started off nearly naked, you need to catch up,” he teased, and kicked aside his clothing.  His lips covered hers as she felt herself propelled backwards toward the bed.
Natalie gave herself up to his kisses, running her hands up and down his back, and around his buttocks.  When he lowered her onto the blankets, she didn’t hesitate to scoot over to make room for him, and assisted in removing her panties.
His hands swept over her body as his tongue tangled with hers, then traced a path from neck to nipples.  When his mouth descended on her naval, she squirmed.
“That tickles,” she breathed.  “Brian…”
“I told you, I wanted to slow the pace.”  He raised his head and shifted so he lay beside her.  “Last night was all about getting laid; this morning you had your way with me.  So now it’s my turn to explore and get to know your body.”  He stroked her hair.
She felt her face growing hot.  “I just feel…selfish, lying here while you do all the work.”
“If I recall, you did most of the ‘work’ this morning.”  His breath was warm in her ear as his fingers traced the gentle contours of her breasts.
Natalie closed her eyes as his lips followed the path his hands had taken, and moaned as his teeth coaxed her nipples to stiffen further.
His palm cupped the damp curls at her entrance; she parted her thighs and allowed him access, sighing as his fingers slid inside.
She moaned and thrashed against his hand as his fingers stroked her secret spots.
“Brian,” she cried, unable to bear the sensations any longer.  “Oh god…oh god…”
She heard the tearing of a packet and felt Brian’s fingers leave her body before being replaced with his delicious cock.
His tongue mated with hers again, imitating the long deliberate strokes of his lower body.  Natalie hugged him with arms and legs, moving in unison as the pace increased, plunging him in and out of her welcoming pussy.  She tore her mouth from his to cry his name as her body clamped around him, hearing him groan hers at the same time.
She held him close as he shuddered, and rained kisses on his neck and throat.
“Wow,” she sighed as he rolled to his side, cradling her close.  “That was intense.”
“Fuck yes.  There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a woman come.”

 #5 (birthday excerpt)
Natalie fished in her purse for a pen. “I don’t know, Brian…what if I can’t make it back in January?”
Brian looked up in surprise. “You were born in January? What date?”
“The eighteenth.”
“No way…that’s my birthday!”
Natalie produced her driver’s license. “See?”
“I’ll be damned. I never knew that.”
“See there?” Amber broke in. “You come home and lunch is on the house.”
“Not dinner? I was hoping for that chicken and goat cheese dish you make. The one with the excellent sauce.”
“You don’t bring a special lady here for her birthday dinner.” Amber smacked his arm in a playful manner. “You take her to Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Am I right?” She directed the question to Natalie, who agreed with her.
Brian looked sideways at both women. “Thanks, Amber. I really appreciate you telling us how to spend our birthday.”

He tried to be casual about where he was headed; he stopped and joked with others, but his mind and his eyes kept returning to the honey-blonde mass of hair.  Nat had twisted it up in a knot on top of her head, but Brian felt himself growing hard, remembering how it had framed her face as she’d bent over him that morning.
Fuck it…if they talk, they talk.  She’s going back tomorrow anyway; what’s a little gossip going to hurt?  As long as she understands this isn’t going anywhere.  Brian switched tactics and intercepted her, motioning her over behind the enclosed shelter house a few yards away.
He made sure no one was looking and swung her into his arms for a thorough kiss, pressing his pelvis against hers.  He felt her soften as her arms crept around his neck.
“Wow Bri…what was that for?”  She smiled after they came up for air.
“Can’t a man kiss a beautiful woman for no reason?  Besides…your tits are driving me crazy.”  Brian unbuttoned her sleeveless shirt and placed kisses on the gentle curves above her bra cups.  He wasn’t satisfied, and pulled one taut nipple free to drink of her sweetness.  Suddenly he stopped and tugged both her bra and shirt back into place, gathering her close.  “Christ, Natalie…what the hell have you done to me?”
“What do you mean?”  Her words were muffled against his neck.
“I haven’t dragged a female behind a building since the time I kissed Beth Lewis behind the bleachers in the seventh grade.”  He kissed her again and stepped back to rebutton her shirt.  He took a deep breath.  “How much longer do we have to be here, anyway?”
A look of surprise crossed her face.  “People can leave at any time, but I thought you were supposed to stick around until everyone left.  Unless you put Sandy in charge today…she’s the one who pulled all the tables together and made sure this area was reserved.”
“Shit.  I forgot to thank her.”  Brian ran a hand through his dark hair and sighed.  “You’re right.  Will you hang around with me, or do you and Lisa have plans for tonight?”
“No; no plans.  I saw my parents yesterday afternoon, and left the evening wide open for any suggestions.”  Natalie bit her lip and clasped her hands together.
Brian lifted her chin with one finger so she looked him in the eye.  “Good.  How about room service at your hotel?”

“Jim Storms…How are you?”  She pasted a smile on her face.  Jim had given her nothing but aggravation in school, and hoped that over the past years he’d gotten over his narcissistic attitude.
“I’m good; got me a farm outside of town and my oldest is about to follow in his old man’s footsteps and play football this year.”  Jim took a drink from the Pepsi can in his meaty hand.  “Heard you were out West somewhere.”
“Yes. Idaho.”
Jim burped.  “Beautiful country out there.  My wife’s sister lives in Cour d’Alane.  You anywhere near it?”
Relief flowed through her.  “No, that’s up in the northern part, up by Montana.  I’m actually in the southern part, between Oregon and Wyoming.”
“Well you saved my ass in Biology.  I have you to thank for that.”  He leaned closer and she smelled the alcohol on his breath.  “Wanna go off and discuss some Anatomy?  You’re as pretty as I remember.”
Natalie gaped at him.  “But what about your wife?”  Where is Brian?  I seriously need help here!
“Awww…why bring her up?  Unless you swing both ways, like she does.”  Jim took another swallow of whatever he had in the can.
Eeuuu…that was really more than I wanted to know; looks as if some in our class is stuck in a time warp!  “No, Jim, I’ll pass.  But it was…good…to see you.”  She stepped around him, only to feel his hand on her arm.  “Jim…I’ve got to go.”
“Now I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, Nat. I was just having some fun.  Remember the day Mr. Hudgins had us dissecting the pigs and your friend Lisa threw up all over hers?”

#8 (foreshadowing OTC)
.  “Lisa was telling me about it.  She said the restaurant is open, but not the rest?  Something about it being part charity, part club, part teenage hangout?  And Austin Harmon owns it?”
Brian drained his cup.  “Yes.  Remember how Austin used to get into so much trouble, and spent time in juvenile hall? He won the lottery last year and decided to provide a safe place for kids to hang out so he bought some acreage and began building last fall.  The kids can take golf lessons, tennis lessons, swim in the pool, shoot hoops, play soccer, and get homework help –basically, anything they could want or need.  He’s not going to turn anyone away because of their income level.”
“That’s a fantastic idea,” Natalie exclaimed.  “How about transportation from school?”
“He’s hired one of the bus drivers.  A lot of the programs are still in the experimental phase.”  Brian stood up and fished his cell phone from the pocket of his shorts.  “I’ll give him a call and see if he’s open tonight.”
“It’s Sunday and late,” she objected.  “I don’t want to bother him.”
“Nat…he’s a friend.  He won’t mind.”  Brian had already dialed and was listening to the music in his ear.  “Austin?  How are you?”

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