ASEW Excerpts

Amber Denton smiled as she walked down the stairs, her blue terrycloth bathrobe swishing around her bare ankles.  It felt good not to have to rush this morning; after the quiet ceremony the night before, Marc had surprised her with tickets to Saint Martin’s.  She had been mildly disappointed to wake up alone this first morning of married life, but supposed Marc had some last minute business to attend to before their flight later in the day.

Rounding the corner of the spacious living room, she spotted her new husband sitting at the oak dining table, drinking his coffee and going over some papers.

“How long have you been up?” she asked, sliding her arms over his bare shoulders and kissing his cheek.

Marc’s hands went to her elbows, tugging her to the side.  Pushing back his chair, he tipped his head up.  “Morning, wife.”  He pulled her onto his lap and captured her lips, sliding his tongue into her warm mouth.  “Mmm—I like that.  Wife.”

“Me too.”  Amber’s fiery curls fell forward and tickled Marc’s nose.  She could feel his enthusiasm tenting the front of his gray sweatpants.

He gathered her shoulder-length tresses with his right hand and playfully tugged her head back.  His lips caressed her cheek before descending to the delicate skin of her neck.  His left hand stole inside the gaping neckline of her robe, brushing against her bare cleavage.  “Ready to start the honeymoon?” Marc murmured.

“You were kidding about the topless beaches, weren’t you?”  Amber closed her eyes as his lips traveled lower.

“Nope.”  Mark released his hold on her hair and slid the robe down to her elbows.  “I can’t wait to watch you walk around, knowing these beauties are all mine, and no one else’s.”  He lovingly caressed the firm mounds, watching the nipples contract into hard buds.

Amber sighed and leaned into him.  “But what if I don’t want other men looking at me?”

“Where we’ll be going, my eyes will be the only ones on you.”  Marc licked his way to her other breast.

“If you’re sure….” Her voice trailed off as Marc’s hand slid beneath the robe to cup her damp pussy.  “Oh that feels good.”

“I’m glad I haven’t lost my touch.”