Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet the Ladies of Wild At Heart:)

Today I have the honor of sitting down with Angela Clayborn and Emma Nichols, co-heroines from Wild At Heart.

K: Greetings ladies:)

A: Can you believe this awful weather? Brrr....

E: Hi Kenzie:) I've never been to Indiana before. Is the ice typical this time of year?

A: Not this early. Normally this stuff arrives in January. My shop's been closed all day, due to it being too treacherous.

E: Yeah, wintertime in the Rockies is usually our slow period also. I'm usually traveling around doing trade shows, advertizing the riding stables and drumming up interest in my brother's woodworking shop.

K: So there's no hard feelings between you two?

A: Not at all. I think we're all happier now. Wouldn't you say, Emma?

E: Yeah. Who knew I'd fall in love in six days?

K: What are you doing in Indiana, Emma?

E: Brad had a business meeting at the home office, so I tagged along. I hope my horses are being taken care of; my mare is due to foal in the next few weeks and I'm anxious to get back. But with this ice, our flight was delayed.

K: I've tried to get Brad to talk to me, but he won't.

E: I've kept him pretty busy:) I'm also training him as a part-time stable hand.

K: What about you, Angie? Are you happy with the way things worked out?

A: I can't believe I was in such denial about Steve. I had started dating Brad because my friends thought he was perfect for me, but it just goes to show you can't force chemistry.

E: And you and Steve definitely have it! We went out to dinner last night before the ice hit, and Steve couldn't keep his hands off of her!

A: Well neither could you and Brad!

K: I also want you both to know that your story will be available on Kindle the week before Christmas.

E: Cool! Brad's getting me one so I can find that scene in Anny's book!

A: Who's book?

K: Anny's a good friend of mine, Emma. Contact me when you get your Kindle and I'll email Anny's website to you. She's got a lot of other books you might like, plus I'll introduce you around to other wonderful e-books and authors.

E: Awesome! Thanks!

A: I told Steve I wanted a Nook for Christmas. After that controversy on Amazon a few months ago, I'll buy from somewhere else.

E: They pulled the book, Angie....but I see your point.

K: And none of my books are on the Nook yet, so if you want to read them, Kindle's the way to go. Time's up ladies; I need to fix dinner for the family. Thanks for coming by!

A: Thanks for the yummy cookies! I need your recipe.

E: Don't tell Nora, but your chocolate chips are better than hers.

K: I think the recipe's going to be in an XOXO Publishing cookbook. I'll let you know:)

Wild At Heart,
Available now at XOXO Publishing

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Interview with Steve Blumenthal from Wild At Heart

Today I'm interviewing Steve Blumenthal, one of the heroes in my latest release, Wild At Heart.
Thanks for being willing to chat with me today Steve:)

S: No problem. I just have one question before you start.

K: Sure; go ahead.

S: What happened to the storyline I gave you? I told you I was trying to reform; my town didn't 'get it', and instead, you come up with this complicated love square--

K: Quadrangle.

S: Whatever. Quadrangle-happy now?- about myself, the girl I love, and her kinky-assed boyfriend...

K: Okay, stop right there. First of all, You cornered ME while I was driving down the road. I couldn't just stop and write, could I? I had to let your storyline swirl around in my head for a few days.

S: You call two weeks a 'few days'? And how the hell did you end up setting half the book in Colorado?

K: No idea. I hadn't even planned on it. But, Angie said her boyfriend was out of town, and when I went to write his scene, I'd just been discussing our 2002 vacation to Estes Park with my kids, and reminiscing. I guess it was the first place which jumped into my head.

S: Whatever.

K: Ultimately, you did get what you wanted. You managed to work with your parole officer to find employment....

S: Yeah. How many ex-cons are that lucky to find something on their first try?

K: Steve, did you ever consider maybe your PO had an inside track on employers willing to give second chances?

S: Oh....I didn't think of that....

K: So you find out Angie has her own business and a boyfriend....what gave you the courage to keep pursuing her, even after she threw you out of her shop?

S: Ah, my know, her green eyes turn all fiery and smoke swirls out of her ears...God she's beautiful when she's angry! I used to torment her in high school just to see how far her temper would take her. She used to just cry, which would kill me, and I'd get her alone later and apologize. But wow, can that girl pack a punch! I'm proud of her for standing up to me.

K: Why do guys do that, anyway?

S: It lets us know you have some passion. Guys don't want girls who'll let 'em walk all over them. We want a fighter. Or at least I do, anyway. You ever hit your man in anger?

K: Well...I did call him an idiot....and yes, I've yelled at him in the past. But lately? No.

S: Why not?

K: Because...wait a minute. I'm supposed to ask the questions.

S: Awe, c'mon Kenzie...bring him to the club and I'll let you put a pie in his face. Or dump a drink on him. Whaddya say?

K: I thnk this interview has gotten way off track! Here's some news for you: You're going to be available on Kindle by Christmas. Happy New Year!

S: Happy New Year to you. And think about what I said; you need to show your man some spirit.

K: Goodbye Steve....

Wild At Heart,
Available now at XOXO Publishing

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mixing Old and New

1991 was my first married Christmas. My hubby and I opened presents, then drove an hour to my parents' house.

We moved our family thirty miles south in 1997, and did what every family does: We compromised and every other year was spent at either his parents or mine.

But everyone agrees our favorite Christmas was 1998: We were snowed in. The kids were thrilled they could play with their toys; we fixed a leisurely lunch and put together the new TV/VCR cart. Built a fire in the fireplace and just relaxed.

2006 saw us moving into my MIL's house. D's father had passed in 2000 and his mother was now in the nursing home. And we were now three hours away from my parents, so trips were scheduled only every few months.

Sometimes we'll go up Christmas Eve; sometimes Christmas or the day after. A lot depends on the weather. I like it when my dad's side of the family has their party around the same time: One year we traveled to my aunt's house on Christmas Eve, and followed my parents to their home afterward. The following year, we reversed it. But this year, plans are up in the air. I know I want to go to Christmas Eve services at my home church, and hopefully Mom and Dad won't mind the addition of the two dogs.

And my aunt started a new tradition a couple of years ago when my cousin had separated from her husband. Since no one was in a festive mood, she decided to fix Italian food. So now instead of ham or turkey, she provides the pasta, meatballs, and choice of Marina or Alfredo sauce; the rest of us bring appetizers or desserts. But no word what's happening this year: My cousin's bitter divorce has been finalized, and I think she and her girls are living at home until they can find another house..

Our home isn't very festive this year either. My hubby's unemployment has run out; I can't seem to find anyone willing to hire me (okay, yes, I work in the bookstore. But it's on a volunteer basis!); I'm seriously considering wrapping up some forgotten toys to put under the tree for the youngling. He is on the Wish Tree at school and at church, so maybe someone will get him something nice. But for the first time in 19 years, there will be no presents under the tree for either myself, D, or our two older kids. That's why I want to go to Grandma's; so everyone will have something.

And besides, Christmas is about family, right? And what I dearly want for Christmas is a hot, steamy shower in a bathroom! Not to mention having my dryer fixed. So I predict I'll be doing laundry at Mom's...where I can wash and dry everything, not just the socks, underwear, and few choice clothing that I haul to a friend's house to put in her dryer!

Oh, and did I mention my birthday is a week from today? I'm also praying our cable, internet, and phone aren't shut off before the Survivor Finale. That's how I'll be spending my evening.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis The Season:)

First of all, don't forget about the Kris Kringle Kontest! Click on the Santa icon to the left or see underneath for contest info.

Secondly, is it possible to have a Release Week hangover? I've been promoting Wild At Heart everywhere I can think of, and trying not to let all the congratulatory comments and emails go to my head....

Last, how in the world do I manage this time of year? Simple. I take the month off from writing, other than pending edits, and bake cookies. I've been fortunate to only have minor writing assignments: In 2008, I had to add a few chapters to my already submitted manuscript, and had no time line. Last year, I signed the contract for Teacher's Pet and the only writing I did besides blogging was my family's Christmas Newsletter.

This year, I'm doing edits when I feel like it; baking; and learning to get along without a dryer until the heating element in ours can be repaired. I haul a load over to a friend's house twice a week, to keep my youngest in clean socks. The dryer troll has managed to eat all but four pairs of his socks.

Want another excerpt of Wild At Heart? Okay; you twisted my arm! Click on the 'Excerpts' page and enjoy:)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guest Blogging Today...

I'm over at Brigit's World today. Come by and say hello:)

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