Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Anniversary SCP!

Congratulations SCP for turning FOUR today!!!  I've been with SCP now since May 2011, and couldn't be happier:)

Since that time, I've managed to go from Contemporary Romance to Sci-Fi Romance.  Not exactly sure how that happened, and hopefully once this series is completed, I'll return to my first love.  As I type this, I am very close to finishing the second book in my Chosen series.  This one follows Brock's older brother NiKoh, in the events after Heart's Last Chance.  For your chance to win a free pdf of Heart's Last Chance, simply tell me if you've ever written something completely out of your comfort zone, or ever taken a chance on a new genre.

Don't want to answer that?  Then simply wish SCP Happy Birthday!  Don't forget to leave your contact info!

Tricia Alexander’s dreams are haunted by a mystery lover. When she discovers the man she met in a nightclub is from another planet, will she accept his story or kick him out?
Brock was young Tricia’s imaginary friend and confidant, and watched her grow up over the years. After gaining permission from the leaders of his planet, he sought to bond with her twice before, but with little results. When he’s given a final chance, will he succeed? Or will a family crisis prove too much?
Instead of giving you an excerpt of Heart's Last Chance, here's a snippet of Mistaken Identity, arriving April 2015.  Enjoy:)
“Tis not proper,” ViShe exclaimed.  “Domestics should never occupy the same table as the master of the house.”
NiKoh scowled and shoved his plate away. “Since when do I observe division of labor?  There are many who think nothing of keeping their Domestic staff awake until the wee hours, only to insist they be awake at dawn.  I only insist on large breakfasts when I have company and most mornings I am capable of getting my own coffee and nourishment.  All I want is some conversation and focus my attention on someone else for a change.  Is that so bad?”
ViShe set down the empty platter she held.  “NiKoh, I know I overstep my bounds many times during our interactions, and yes, you have always been a courteous head of household.  But if GiNae observes a blurring of the lines, so to speak, she will continue to push the rules of society.”
           “For God’s sake, ViShe!”  NiKoh pounded the table.  “I do not think society will fall if you and GiNae share a meal with me.  How about leaving the kitchen door open? I will move to the other end and we can converse through the door.  Will that satisfy your need for decorum?”