Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words...

Friend and fellow author Linda Kage interviewed me today! Come on by and say hello!

Welcome to a sample of my hectic life! Here are some pics from Aunt Kenzie's Summer Reading Program and Father's Day. Miss Drama Queen (MDQ) and her brother Mr. Energy are staying with us for the summer, and maybe even during the school year.

Enjoy these kids' expressions, actions, and antics with me:)

Making the Father's Day cake. MDQ insisted Uncle Dad would LOVE strawberry frosting on his two layer devil's food cake! The kids ate most of it, though Uncle Dad did eat a slice or two:)

Buddy, one of my neighborhood 'adoptees' and MDQ making kites. ME opted not to attend this outing, and my youngling was at cub scout camp.

MDQ trying the Japanese snacks at the program on Japan. They were yummy, imho! I don't think she shared that opinion, though:)

Took them to one of our historical sites, and they all enjoyed playing with this cannon!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Do You Call a Blog Post About Dates?

If we were talking about the boy-meets-girl-type, I'd have a wittier title!

When I was younger, I loved going out to eat and playing mini-golf on a first date, because it enabled us to TALK to each other. You really can't get to know your date while in a movie theater and hoping he'll hold your hand; that's for date #2.

In my 20's, dating consisted of either a party; going to a bar/nightclub; dinner. And since I married while in my 20's, 'date night' with the hubby meant dinner alone and a movie, or a drive.

Now my idea of a perfect date is still dinner and wine, and conversation that does not include the word 'Mommy' or mention of any kids (unless I bring it up first, heh heh!). Take my to BW3 and see if I can beat you at trivia. Or let's go sing karaoke.

Special dates I hold dear? There are many:

Jan 1: New Year's Day and SIL's b-day

Jan 29th: Special ex-b/f's birthday. Suffice it to say I met him while in college, and he's in my Top 3.

Feb 14-28: The span of time in which our tax money arrives.

March 1: Youngling's birthday

March 5: Another special friend's b-day (and the day the youngling was supposed to arrive)

March 17: 1st love's b-day

March 20: Spouse's b-day

March 31: Day I met my soul mate

April 7: Day I met my AF officer

April 10: Day I fell in love with the SOB AF officer

April 17: Day I realized I was pregnant with my oldest

May 2: Nephew's b-day

May 3: Wedding Anniversary (20 years so far) and another friend's b-day

May 12: Day BFF B and I were 'married' in the hallway between classes!

May 22: BFF #3's b-day

May 23: BFF #1's b-day and the day my soul mate broke my heart

June 16: The day I dreamed of getting married

June 19: The day I dreamed of getting married when I realized the 16th wasn't on a Saturday and the fact my fiancee was horrible with remembering dates! Also, another friend's b-day

June 28: Dad's b-day

July 3: Daughter's b-day and BFF #2's b-day

July 29: BFF in HS's b-day

Aug 1: Mom's b-day

Aug 5: AF Officer's b-day

Aug 6: 'Grandkids' b-day (born same day, one year apart!)

Aug 19: Day I had miscarriage and niece's b-day

Sept 20: Day I met my first serious crush

Sept 23: BFF #1's wedding anniversary

Oct 7: Sister's b-day

Oct 9: Nephew's b-day

Nov 20: Niece/stepdaughter's b-day

Dec 8: Oldest son's b-day and another friend's b-day; the one who introduced me to my spouse.

Dec 19: My b-day

Dec 25: Christmas

Dec 31: New Year's Eve

Now, what would YOU have called this post? LOL!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Show Me The Truth....

While I love the pre-Civil War era, and wouldn't mind for one day putting on a hoop skirt and dancing at a party, there is another era which has intrigued me: The Tudor Years.

My first introduction into this era was the book Anne of a Thousand Days. And Philippa Gregory's The Constant Princess shows a different side of the story.

Now maybe some of the facts were fudged, for romance angles, but I rather like the image of the conniving Henry, not the cold, calculating Anne of The Other Bolyne Girl.

So therefore, I would love to be a fly on the wall, or at least a lady-in-waiting, to see first hand what REALLY went on between Henry VIII, Katherine, Anne, and her sister Mary.

Another time I'd like to be the 'fly on the wall' would be at Elizabeth's court, to see what exactly transpired between her and Lord Dudley, and why she had Mary Queen of Scots executed. Was it all Lord Cecil?

I'm only halfway through this book, and can hardly wait to get back to it.

And as always, I would sorely miss my A/C, indoor plumbing, and modern conveniences.

If you could travel safely through time, what era would YOU visit? My hubby rather likes the Star Trek world!