Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had to get Tuesday's post off my chest, and now I need to move on. I cry whenever I reread it!

My QT the past few days has been about Hope, and today's hit close to home. It is hard to have hope when you're facing discouragement and feeling guilty over perceived personal failures, and I live with an angry person who constantly asks me 'why?'

'Why should I look forward to things? It never happens; I don't want to be disappointed.'

It's hard to be the optimist in this relationship, but I'd rather laugh than cry. Besides, giving up and not caring sends a horrible message to the kids. If you have nothing to look forward to, why even try setting goals? Why not just lay down and accept whatever life throws at you?

I personally don't like that attitude! God gave me this life, and I don't believe HE wants me to give up on it. I have things I want to accomplish, and I can only do that if I trust in HIM to get me on the right path. If it's not to HIS liking, then eventually HE'll point me in the direction HE wants.

And that means having an open heart. A trusting heart. And a willingness to listen and to change.

I've adapted in this new town of ours, and my writing career has taken off, rather than stagnated in our old house. He, on the other hand, is constantly complaining about the situation and wishes we could 'return home'. The kids are torn between a mother who makes the best of everything: Both teens have made new friends and still keep in touch with their old ones via MySpace, emails, and the occassional visit. The toddler is unaffected, since he was only two when the move occurred. But the occassional rebellion kicks in (esp if their dad is on a particular rant) and manifests itself in sibling rivalry.

My first 'smut' book has been published. I laugh that I am injecting some morality into the erotic genre and a friend is striving to inject some 'slight smut' into the Christian Inspirational genre. Maybe between the two of us we'll create another sub-genre, where the two will meet?

I'm choosing to look at this tiny success as proof that I've written something worthy of publication; it's a foot in the door so my other work can be given a chance; and once I'm established, I'll be able to write something more glorifying to HIM. What do you think?

Hope. Don't ever lose it, or give up on your dreams! Without them, why would we find a reason to get out of bed in the morning?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Senseless...

I arrived home from a wonderful weekend only to discover a tragic death in our animal family.

Two weeks ago, the neighborhood kids found a tiny kitten wandering around, and decided it needed to be theirs. I ended up 'rescuing' the poor kitten from being swung around and otherwise mauled.

This kitten was so loving, it allowed me to flip it on its back like a baby and rub its tummy. He just purred and was thankful to be safe.

The neighbor across the street took it in for the night and fed it; I didn't want another cat in the house. Last weekend, another friend decided to adopt the kitten, and called it Simon. He would be my daughter's cat at her house.

Now this particular friend has three small dogs and two cats. Apparently yesterday, the Alpha dog decided to attack Simon. The 'second in command' tried to rescue Simon, and by the time my friend got to the 'doggy tug-of-war', Simon was in bad shape. She rushed him to the vet, but his injuries were too severe and they had to put him to sleep.

Today, the Alpha dog is being sent to doggy heaven. Simon is the 3rd cat she's attacked, and this time it was fatal. She's also snapped at my 5-yr-old, and bitten my husband.

My spouse is furious that a) we allowed our friend to take Simon; b) She decided to take him in the 1st place; and c) She hadn't put the Alpha dog down sooner. My daughter is in tears not only for Simon, but because of Alpha dog, who is her favorite of the three.

I woke up several times during the night, grieving for this senseless act which took the life of one of the sweetest kittens I've ever known. Not even my own.

Sandra Cox has a wonderful series about Catarou, the Cat Heaven. I hope Simon is resting comfortably in his new home, and knows he was very loved in the short time he was with us.

If I could have a do-over, I'd still have him in my house, and he'd be alive and well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

And The Winner is....

Bronwyn Green!


So I Had To Laugh...
Got an email from an old friend, wondering how come I posted on my FaceBook status about scrubbing the kitchen cabinets.

"Isn't the maid doing it? I mean, I thought you'd be sitting back and collecting the money!"

Yeah, right. I won't know how well my baby is selling until I get my first royalty check...Next Month! Snort...I've been riding this euphoric high of publishing praise for a couple of days, and now I have the post-publish hangover.

I'm exhausted, and thankful I have the next three days off from not only promo duty, but Mommy duty!

Yes, I'm headed to our local festival tomorrow to meet a friend and fellow author, Jamie Carie, who writes Christian Historical Inspirationals. Her third book, Wind Dancer, takes place in our historic town in the early 1800's. I'm anxious to see how she'll be signing with a quill pen and ink...yes, she's going to be in period dress and signing authentically:)

My oldest son has been recruited to work the buffalo burger tent, so I WILL be getting my yearly feast! Normally I miss this festival, and no one ever remembers to bring me one or ten...

I'll be back next Tuesday, maybe, so have a happy Memorial Day and remember our loved ones.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been Interviewed:)

The interview will be up FOREVER at this URL


I've also gotten word that so far I've even sold a few copies:) I'm still psyched!

Good party last night with cake and ice cream:) I received some fantastic promotional ideas, and today I'm having a phone consultation to fix my website and more online promo ideas.

(grumbling slightly) I bet I'm going to end up on Twitter after today...I've been resisting it. But Travis informed he he's been 'twittering' one of my FB editors....maybe I'd better become a Twit...oooh, that sounds sooooooo wrong!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Release Day!

Available at I'm so excited!

Pinch me...just ten months ago I was driving the family crazy, because I had two characters arguing in my head and I couldn't get them to shut up. So, I did the only logical thing; I went to the computer and started writing down everything they were saying. Two days later, I was finished. I had taken a break to watch the public fireworks, as well as the ones we set off at home, but the minute I woke up on July 5th, I went back to the writing.

And by five o'clock in the afternoon, I was satisfied with what I'd written.

Now...what to do with it?

Spell-check; let it rest for a week, and re-read it! Then a month later, send it out, of course!

Rejected not once, but twice by the same publisher (I looked at the second email and thought, 'Um-hmm... I know. You rejected it two weeks ago!'), I sent it off again and three short weeks later it was accepted. Revisions by January; edits in March; and now everyone who wants to can read it!

When I 'fessed up to my mother, I warned her 'This is a book where, if you read it, you will blush profusely, call me up and blast me for all the naughty words, but be secretly proud of me...I hope!'

She answered, 'I may not be proud of what you write, but I'll always be proud of your writing ability!'

Thanks Mom...

And I've shocked several old classmates: 'Sweet, innocent Kenzie wrote THAT?'

Yup...Sweet, innocent Kenzie grew up:) (Blame college. Or Katie Blu, Brynn, Kaenar, Regina, etc!)

Leave me a comment and I'll do a random draw for a free download Thursday. How does that sound?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Interview with Marcus Denton

Today I’m interviewing Marcus Denton, who stars in All She Ever Wanted. The book will be available Tuesday, May 19th from Freya’s Bower.

Marc, welcome and thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

Marc: Glad to be here, Kenzie. Amber sent this cream cheese croissant for you. She said it was your favorite.

Thank you! So how has your life changed in the past year?

M: I discovered my father lied to me; my soul mate lived across town; and once we reconnected, my life finally had meaning again.

Let’s back up a bit. How did you meet Amber Johnson?

M: She was working at the country club where Dad and I were members. Sometimes she waited tables, and during the summer she’d work the golf outings. One night I stayed late and we started talking. She agreed to meet me at a local bar, and after that night, I knew she was the One.

But your father didn’t approve…

M: I’d been trained since birth that one day I was going to step into his shoes, right? Marry the trophy wife, step on everyone who got in my way…But Amber blew into my life like a tropical storm and showed me what I was missing. And when I thought she’d left me, all the fight went out of me.

Yeah, it was hard to face him, but when True Love is at your side, anything is possible.

True Love? Just like that, it’s poof! You found your courage?

M: It sounds hokey, but it was as if a switch had been flipped; you know, the final straw? All of a sudden everything was clear, and I just knew what I had to do.

Any advice for anyone who reads your story?

M: Yeah. Follow your heart, or at least your gut instinct. And don’t ever let others dictate your life.

Thanks for stopping by, Marc. I appreciate you telling me your story.

M: You’re welcome. Sorry for disrupting your holiday weekend, but I couldn’t get anyone else’s attention.

That’s okay. As it turned out, you did me a favor! Again, you can buy Marc and Amber’s story, All She Ever Wanted, at

Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Days and Counting...

I'm starting to get apprehensive.

On the one hand, I've ordered promotional materials, and telling everyone I know that All She Ever Wanted goes live next Tuesday. I've answered the call for interviews.

But on the other hand, what if, despite my efforts, no one buys it? Or worse, they buy it and HATE it? Will they ever read another word written by me?

Received a disheartening letter today, asking me to stop sending emails to this person. In my defense, I only send out my newsletter, or updates on progress. It's not like I'm flooding their inbox with forwards, chit-chat, or otherwise.

But it is depressing when an acquaintance tells you 'no more, please.' So I've removed this person from my contact list, and trying to not let it bother me.

Better News:
Marc has finally granted me an interview, and I'll post it on Monday!

Also, Gracen Miller interviewed me on her blog today! You can read it here, so stop by and leave a comment please?