Saturday, August 24, 2013

SCP Blog Hop

Welcome to the SCP Blog Hop!  For a complete list of participating authors, please visit the SCP Blog.  Happy Hopping!

My family and I took a vacation to Estes Park, Colorado, in order to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  We had a wonderful time, and I even began writing a sequel to my latest release, Wild At Heart, since part of that book takes place in Estes Park and showcases Nicky's Steakhouse, where we held our celebration.

We also had a bittersweet moment, when we saw the booth where my grandmother, who passed away in 2011, 'held court' during breakfast in 2002.  She would arrive and order her meal, then various family members would drift in and out until we planned our excursion for the day.

Here's the family picture:  Front Row, L-R:  Nephew D (10), Mom (it was also her 71st b-day), Niece R (7), Dad, granddaughter A (age 1), Son W (9).  Back Row:  Sister W, Son K (21); me, Spouse D (59); Daughter S (19)

For your reading enjoyment, here's the scene at Nicky's, where Emma tries to put Brad in his place.

. Gavin encouraged him to try a beer labeled Stella Artois. As they sipped their beverages and enjoyed hot Buffalo wings, Emma appeared. Her damp hair was caught up in a silver clip, and dark blonde ringlets cascaded down her back. Her cowboy boots sounded firm on the wooden floor as she walked toward the men, her slight frame clad in black jeans and a loose red shirt. Brad felt his mouth go dry when he realized there was no bra under that shirt, and had to keep tearing his eyes away from the glimpse of cleavage when she greeted Gavin. She slid into the chair beside the older man, and Brad shifted uncomfortably every time she leaned forward.

Emma reached for the hot wings Gavin had ordered and told the waitress to bring her a Coors.

“Gavin likes that crap, but I prefer to stick with a Colorado beer,” she stated as Brad shifted in his seat again. “Something wrong, Mr. Morrison?”

“No, no. It’s just I’ve had too much good food the past two days,” he lied.

“Don’t they feed you back home?” Emma stretched her arm back and patted Gavin on the back. Brad swallowed at the sight of her nipples through the fabric and looked away. Keep breathing, remember Angie…

“Actually, my girlfriend is quite a cook.” Brad managed to get his tongue working. He reached for a wing at the same time she did, and as their fingers brushed, Brad felt an electric jolt all the way to his groin.

“Maybe she doesn’t feed you enough,” Gavin laughed, seemingly oblivious to the undercurrents.

Brad was spared by the appearance of the waitress, ready to take their orders. Brad and Gavin ordered the Prime Rib; Emma opted for the shrimp scampi. Brad ordered another beer, and then excused himself to the men’s room, hoping to get his raging hormones under control.

Wild At Heart can be purchased at Secret Cravings, Amazon, and B&N. 

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Final Stop! Are You Enjoying Yourself?

Final destination today is Book Freak:) At the end of the day, not only will a comment win a free download of my back list, but two more comments will be chosen from ALL comments this week for a download of Class Reunion plus a $10 Amazon AND a $10 Freya's Bower GC.

“It’s…been a long time for me, Austin, so go easy?”

“Anything you want,” he promised. He eased a hand between her thighs and stroked her damp petals, kissing her when she jumped. Moist heat closed around his finger as she panted. He slipped in another finger and was rewarded with a small cry of delight. God she was tight! He teased her some more with his fingers before withdrawing and slipping the tip of his latex-lined cock into her. “Are you sure you’re not a virgin?” He gasped as her muscles gripped him.

“Maybe it grew back?” Cara slid her palms up his arms and guided his lips back to hers, spreading her legs wide and arching upwards. “Ohhhh…”

“Sweet Jesus.”

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome To Day #4!

Come on over to Harlie's Book Blog:) I always have a good time over there so here's hoping she doesn't disappoint me!

Plus, a very Happy Birthday to my mom!  This time last year, she underwent hernia surgery, so to have her up and walking around, pain-free this year is HUGE relief!

Austin captured her once inside the darkened office and swung her into his arms for another kiss.  Her shoes hit the floor as she moaned, and felt his tongue slip past her teeth.

Cara struggled and tore her mouth from his.  “Wait. This can’t be happening.”

“Why not?  I’ve enjoyed the past two weeks of getting to know you.  I’d like to get to know you a little better, that’s all.”  Austin pulled her back and covered her mouth with his.

She hesitated a moment.  How long had it been since her last kiss?  It’d been two years since David had broken up with her, not understanding her responsibilities to her mother.  With a muffled groan, Cara tossed her purse to the floor and twined her arms around his neck.  Moisture pooled between her thighs as his tongue explored the corners of her mouth.  She eagerly returned the kiss, and was rewarded when one of Austin’s hands slid upwards to palm her breast.  Cara didn’t pull away; soon his cool fingers slid inside her bodice and nudged the lace of her bra aside.  She moaned when he rolled the nipple between two fingers and pressed herself closer to him.  Dimly in the background, she heard the vague tones of Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

“Wait. My phone’s ringing.  Austin,” she pleaded and forced herself to pull away.

“Can’t you ignore it?” He panted, reaching for her waist.

“I can’t.  This one is important.”  Cara stepped to the side and fumbled with the clasp with shaking hands.  Doreen wouldn’t have called unless something happened!  One look at the clock on the outside told her it was past ten o’clock.  “Hi, it’s Cara.”  She cleared her throat to sound normal.  “I’m sorry, Doreen, I just looked at the clock–What?”  She reached back for Austin’s hand to steady herself.  “Oh my god, which hospital?  Thanks.  I’ll be right there.”  She snapped her phone shut and whirled around.  “I have to go.”

“Wait a moment, Cara.  Hospital?  Let me go with you.”

Cara shook her head as she tried to shove her feet into her shoes.  “No, this is something I have to do.  It’s my responsibility.  Besides, you have guests.”

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