Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Hump Day:)

Some friends and I thought it would be fun to post a snippet of a current WIP or released book every Wednesday.  Sound cool?  Here's a paragraph from my Alien-meets-Human story.  Tricia and her friends are enjoying a Girl's Night Out.  Enjoy!

Tricia and Lara, still flirting with several men, were caught up in the Electric Slide.
            Trish smiled to herself.  This was her personal favorite yardstick.  If a man could keep the dance fresh and not mechanical, he rose a notch in her favor.  But soon she became aware of a dark-haired man behind her whose gyrations intrigued her.  She managed to catch his eye and smile; soon she enjoyed moving her body with the various moves and turns.  He seemed to be intrigued with her as well.  During the final stages of the dance, he kept his eyes on her, not turning around, but drawing closer to her as their bodies undulated in invitation.
            “Can I buy you a drink?”  His voice was low and velvety.

For a complete list of participants, click here.  And since Molly's taken over the brain, since NaNo will be upon us next week, I'll only be back on Wednesdays, unless Class Reunion's cover art arrives:)

Monday, October 8, 2012

And The Winner Is......(Drum Roll)

Wow, what an awesome response this past weekend!  Thanks to everyone who entered:)

The answer, of course, is Indiana.  Home of the Indianapolis 500, birthplace of Mama Brady (Florence Henderson) and Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors), and the home of William Henry Harrison, the president who delivered the longest inaugural speech (and in the rain!), then died thirty-two days later.

The town I live in has ties to both him and George Rogers Clark:

The Harrison House

GRC Memorial and the battlefield.  The spouse and I 'power walk' every day up the left side of the walkway, up the steps to the Memorial; one lap around; then up the 19 steps to the very top (where the vertical pillars are; when it's open, people can go inside and see the exhibits); then down the rest of the steps and walk back down the right side of the walkway.

Picture of the top of the Memorial.

"This is all very nice, Kenzie, but who won your contest?"

Okay, okay....enough history.  The winner is.......


And I'm giving out another prize, this time to....


She was the first one to mention Wm Henry Harrison:)  So shoot me an email also, and thanks for playing everyone!

And come back in December when we have the '5 Favorite Things' hop, which Dawne is putting together.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where In The World Am I????

For a list of participating SCP authors, go here.

What State Do I Live In?
-Greatest Spectacle In Racing
-Crossroads of America
-Home of President who served shortest time

Winner will receive their choice of my back list.  Click here for my books and here for Molly's.  Good luck!

Answer and winner will be posted on Monday.