Saturday, February 21, 2009

Edits are here:)

I think I've gone off the deep end.

But from what I've seen, just from the first page, everything he's pointed out is valid, and this should be a breeze when I start editing.

But Barb brought up a good point last night: Should I keep the track changes on when I revise, or should I simply change the original document, and let him know which changes I made via cover letter?

I think I'll email him and ask him which method he prefers, since I've never used track changes before, other than to print out the doc with the comments and use it as a guide!

Any advice?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I had a strange dream the other night. I don't remember the specifics, but one of my favorite Survivor songs ran through it the entire time. Since my tapes are all in storage, I found it on YouTube last night.

I can see you standing in every hallway
I can see your headlights around the bend
And hiding in my shadow, you're with me always
Out in the street, in every glance
I see your reflection, I'm caught in a trance
Can't you see what I've become
I see you in everyone...

This is my favorite song from the Vital Signs album, even topping 'I Can't Hold Back'. For whatever reason, this song resonates with me whenever I'm missing a loved one.

Except I have no idea who or what the dream was about.

So maybe I just need to go dig out my tapes and drive around in the car, singing Survivor at the top of my lungs? Or make everyone leave the house, so I can crank up the volume on the computer while I rock the house?

Hmmm...either one is a good idea!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Have An Editor!

He's enjoyed reading my work and likes the way I set up the book with the prologue:)

First edits should be arriving in a week to ten days:)

I had to correct him about the name, though. He addressed his letter to my spouse, who has trouble sending email, let alone writing anything not associated with automotives, woodworking, camping, or home improvements!

I know...I'm nuts to be excited about edits. But come on, 'fess up: Weren't you just a teensy bit excited the day your very first edits arrived?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Feeling pretty darn good right now...I finished another manuscript:) Going to let it sit for a week before I start editing the heck out of it!

The weather is improving; it is supposed to hit 60 degrees today. I'm hoping to get over to storage and retrieve my rollie cart...I have a signing next Friday and I need to make sure everything is still in it.

Plus, this week I need to order some bookmarks and find a tame excerpt to showcase the new book!

Taxes will be done tomorrow, and then I can think about ordering more promo from Vista. Especially if I get the new website up and running like I want...good thing those business cards were free last summer. I'll have to order new everything!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

High School Antics

Once upon a time there was a girl named Marci. She was the ringleader of a select group of girls who looked up to Marci, because she seemed to know Everything about Anything, and who also knew the Right People.

But soon the other girls began to not take her word for granted, and began to form their own opinions about other people and issues. And so Marci saw her influence gradually slip away. She began to recruit a new group of loyal followers.

One day, one of her old friends happened to be looking online and saw something she didn’t like. She quickly posted a question to her new friends.

“Did you see what Marci posted on her MySpace? OMG…”

The new friend wrote back, “OMG! Can you believe it?”, and quickly wrote up a note on her Face Book page. It wasn’t long before her inbox was flooded with messages.

Meanwhile, one of Marci’s new recruits happened to see the Face Book page and told Marci about it. Marci’s response? She sent messages to all her friends, both past and present, with her tone so sweet it almost put one in a sugar coma.

Fortunately, no one bought the act. Until Marci faces up to the fact she no longer needs to play the part of Queen Bee, she will be doomed to drift from group to group, trying to find those so desperate for friendship and willing to endure being held at arm’s length, never to attain the close friendship they crave.

Will Marci ever learn that true friendship cannot be held at a distance, but should be embraced? Unfortunately, the world is full of Marcies. We can only hope that one day their eyes will be open; otherwise, they will realize the beauty of what they have missed, and will realize they are all alone.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Cover:)

So what do you think?

Still no word on the release date, but as soon as one arrives, I'll let you know!