Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kiss Fan...Who Knew?

I ordered the Kiss Greatest Hits album for one simple reason: There were two songs I loved which came out in 1989 and 1990, and wanted to hear again.

Reason To Live and Forever.

When it arrived in the mail, I enthusiastically opened it and rocked out to both songs, including Tears are Falling and Heaven's on Fire, which I had totally forgotten about! And then I decided 'what the hell' and put in the first disk.

Yes, I had recognized 'Beth' and 'I was Made for Loving You', but I was not prepared to recognize more on that disk! Turns out I've been a Kiss fan before I even knew they were the ones singing on the radio!

Just like my Pink Floyd revelation in 1987; turns out I've been a hard rock fan LONG before I ever heard of Foreigner, Styx, and Def Leppard!

Sorry guys...I do remember wondering what you looked like under that makeup, and was thrilled when Kiss: Unmasked came out (wasn't allowed to get it, though!), but it wasn't until I saw the video of 'Reason to Live' and taped it from the hard rock station that I started acknowledging my closet rocker status!

Forgive me?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Timmy the Rat, Pt 2

He pondered on this. She had given him a clue when she gave him this.

She had told him, “May the force be with you”, whatever that meant. He noticed that the pendant had a jewel in it. He touched it and it began to glow. He took it out and stuck it in his mask which had a hole the size of the jewel. The hole had been meant for a three eyed rat but he was normal just had two and never thought about sewing it up. He put the jewel in the hole it fit perfectly. Then all of a sudden he felt like he had the strength of twenty rats.

Timmy flew over and got a really big stick. Then flew over to where everyone was stuck in the mud. Lowered it down and pulled them all out. He had done it. He, Timmy, had pulled the Wonder Pets and Herman out of the mud. They all thanked him. The wonder pets even offered him a job with Nickelodeon studios working as a Wonder Pet. He told them no thank you he was waiting for a job with the Sci-Fi channel doing movies as an experimental rat who could talk, fly, and have super strength. Maybe even go through a Stargate some day as a guest on Stargate Atlantis. That’s where he felt his calling. They all thanked him again. The Wonder Pets climbed into there vehicle and flew back to the class room. Herman thanked Timmy as well and hopped off. Timmy, however, didn’t go back to his moralities.

Timmy looked up and saw this huge dark thing in the sky. He started to fly towards it. The object grew and grew. It was now the size of the moon and growing. Timmy flew then he entered space and continue to fly towards it and it continued to grow he noticed that this object was dangerously close to a near by planet known to him as Flagellum. The object all of a sudden had this bright flash brighter than any Fairy light he knew of. Then Flagellum had disappeared…


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Application Update

I finished adding 5 sample chapters to my 'bank' on the application and submitted it. This morning, I learned that I have to have images, so I've saved copies of my alter ego's covers and will upload them shortly.

I also learned I can have up to 30 samples of my work, so I'll add some more chapters to the 'bank' and resubmit again.

The deadline is October 1st, so the fact I'm already thisclose to the end, and it's only the middle of the month thrills me! Yes...normally I'd be doing this last minute, like I did in 2006! Maybe the fact I'm taking more time and being more careful, will result in a higher score and getting the grant?

Dream Approaching??
I'm also getting excited; I discovered a few days ago a dream I've had for the past couple of years has the potential of coming long as I can get others to envision the dream too. I have one person on board; now to approach the influential one. More on this later. I don't want to jinx myself.

Good News!
I recieved some great feedback on my updated Wild at Heart opener; I'm going to send it off to be critiqued, and hopefully send it off to another publisher within the next week or so:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eye-Catching Headline??

I had a brainstorm last night, just as I was settling down. I've been told that one of my stories begins too slowly, and I had the brilliant idea of starting it off with the newspaper headline which throws her into a tizzy for the entire first chapter.

The problem is...I want to make it catchy.

Two years ago, the hero made a stupid move. He got high on X and broke into his girlfriend's house to steal the electronics. He was in the process of unhooking her stereo in her room when she woke up and caught him. She managed to get her brother's attention, who subdued him while she woke up her parents and called the police.

He's the town's Golden Boy; the basketball star. And after 2 years behind bars, he's going free. And determined to win his girlfriend back, plus prove to the community he's changed.

So what should the headline read?

"Golden Boy Gets Parole"?

"Hometown Hero Goes Free"?

"Good Behavior Earns Get Out of Jail Card"?

"Star Earns Get Out of Jail Card"?

"Star Out on Good Behavior"?

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Today, more rain is due to fall. Ike is making his way to the Midwest. We were going to do some more rummaging through the storage unit, but D and K decided to watch Stargate and Stargate Atlantis all day. So yesterday was pretty lazy!

Don't know what's on tap for today, other than Church and visiting the MIL.

The other day, the Deadly Vixens interviewed Cathy Yardley. I went to her site and liked what I saw! If you like updated fairy tales, check out her site I plan on adding at least two of her books to my TBB list.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding Ring Issues

Saw a news item this morning about wedding rings, of all things! We've all heard of the slimeball husbands who take theirs off in public, in order to cheat? Well now the women are doing it too.

But not to cheat, although there are those who will do this.

No, the justification behind this trend is to feel single and sexy, to have the freedom to flirt, and then go home to the spouse and 'celebrate' their joy with their mate.


I was floored when I heard the so-called expert say, "If you're out with a bunch of single friends, you don't want to feel like the old married lady of the bunch."

Got news for you: I never took my ring off when I went out with my single friends, and myself and the other 'old married lady' were the ones who received all the attention!

I'm serious! My bff and I, wearing regular clothing (jeans, light tops and minimal makeup), were asked to dance, bought drinks, and even asked if we were happily married. And they brought their friends over, and even one hook-up was made between one of the single gals and the single guy. We danced as a group, played pool, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had horrified our singe friends, who had dressed to the nines and had asked, "You're wearing that?"

I've even had a guy try to pick me up at the mall, at ten am, and when I flashed my ring at him, it didn't seem to bother him! I got away from him in a hurry.

I can't wear my ring now, because of the weight gain after my last pregnancy. And since hubby and I are at odds over nearly everything, it no longer bothers me. I know I'm married, and right now I'm not in a position to go out dancing anyway. But if I ever do, I'll still let it be known I have a spouse and children at home.

So what are your thoughts on the subject? Is this just another excuse to break the rules, or are there women out there who are too insecure to have a good time without male attention?

I wish I had put this in to practice when I was unmarried...I stopped looking for it and it found me! Think of the fun I could have had twenty years ago:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Finally heard back on my Wild at Heart Submission.

It's been rejected.

Sigh...that's okay; I knew it still needed a little work, but I sent it off hoping maybe someone would see the potential and take a chance on me. I'll just have to submit this to my critique group and see if they have any suggestions. And get cracking on my other story, to finish cleaning it up before sending it out.

A setback, yes. But the way things are going right now, I sort of expected this. Hope is vital though, and time to get back to work.

I am in the process of applying for an artistic grant; if accepted, I can use the money to attend a couple of conferences, and maybe even a writer's retreat. Keep your fingers crossed!