Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HDH #28

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Story Recap:
Brian meets his best friend John's new girlfriend Randi and instantly flips over her.  Randi experiences similar feelings, but doesn't want to come between two friends.

It is now six months later, and Randi's back in town after the summer break.  John has been seeing Crystal while Randi's been gone; Brian goes with John to pick up Randi and tries to feel out where John stands with the two women.  It doesn't go very well.

"And Crystal?  What’s she like?”
            “Oh, she gives good head and all, and she’s got bigger tits, but Randi’s quiet...she knows when to keep her mouth shut.  Crystal talks too much, sometimes.  Although, Rand likes to psychoanalyze a topic to death, if you get her started.  But once I start kissing her, she generally shuts up about her studies.”  John grew thoughtful.  “Do you think she’d marry me?”
            “Dude,” Brian choked.  “Marriage?  You planning on keeping Crystal on the side?”
            “Naw.  Randi’d have my balls if she knew about Crystal.  I just wonder if Randi’s The One, you know, that would keep me faithful.”
            “Are you insane?  The instant Randi left college, you were on the phone, rounding up a woman to be with!  You?  Faithful?  Don’t make me laugh.”  Brian looked out the window, his resolve weakening by the minute.  Why did I agree to come?  This was a bad idea...Randi deserves someone who’ll be faithful to her, not someone who’s finding a new woman the minute her back is turned...Man, if he does propose, and she’s stupid enough to accept, then there’s nothing I can do...
            “There’s Randi, waiting as always.  You know, I like a woman who’s on time.”  John slowed the car and honked.
            “If you love her so much, why don’t you get out and hold the door for her?” 

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