Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging Interest??

I've noticed a dwindling interest in fellow bloggers lately.

When I first came on the blogging scene, I was encouraged to post daily, and my alter-ego took care of that. But now, even the readers seem to be gravitating toward the 'sensational' posts; the controversial ones.

I miss the interviews; the book reviews; the comraderie of daily comments.

Is it the fact that we've moved on to FaceBook? Twitter?

I've even noticed a decline in the chat rooms I frequent.

Or is it that we're all so busy writing we don't have time to chat, post, or whatever?

I know from my sitemeter that my readers are out there; I just wish more of them would pop in with a 'hi' every now and then.

I love the 'blogs I'm following' feature; it lets me know when one of my friends has posted, so I'm not wasting time clicking on links where the posts are a week or two old. I know I'm bad about updating this site, but as Molly runs off at the fingers every day, she doesn't leave me anything to say:)

Update on MS:
I'm on the final chapter edits! I sent the first two/last two final chapter edits; now it's time to revisit chs 3-5. Fun, fun. And I've recently discovered I've been correcting the wrong versions. Sorry Chuck...but I'm glad we finally agreed on the ending!

And yes, I try to run a clean blog, but every once in a while a 'wtf'' moment slips out. Sometimes, there's just no other word...but I refuse to get too controversial!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slacker Reporting In...

Okay; I do have a legitimate excuse for not blogging...I've been editing every single day now.

We've been through each chapter twice, with the exception of #5 and the Epilogue. Ch 5 has some issues; I sent it off to a trusted blogmate for her opinion on what to add to it. And now Chuck sends me a note...

"I know you have a zestier ending in you once the cold abates!" Thanks, Chuck...Don't like my ending? YOU write it! (Just kidding...)

Seriously, my creativity has been slowed down by two factors:

a) I have a cold, and while at first I thought I was about to cough up a lung, now I simply want to cut my head off from the nose up.

b) I've fallen prey to the bane of all writers, which is the simple fact I LIKE what I've written and don't want to change it! Pardon me while I throw a mini-tantrum...No! Don't wanna change it! It's brilliant! Can't you see that?

Sigh...but since I can't go prima donna on my editor, I'll have to suck it up and change it. After all, I can live with the other changes; what's two more?

It just goes back to the fact I have a slight tendancy to fall in love with each and every word I write. I proved in jr high, high school, and college I'm perfectly capable of creating a first-draft 'B' paper. Since I wasn't an over-achiever, I was perfectly happy with my 'C+', 'B' or even 'B+' papers and didn't try for the 'A'.

But when you're being published, you have to aim for the brass ring and go for that 'A'. Otherwise, reviewers will tear you to shreds, your editor will refuse to work with you, and hey...word will get out you're 'difficult'. Since I don't want that reputation, I guess I'll get back to work. I DO want people to read this, after all, and buy more of my work!

Slinking back into my cave...or should that be well? (See 'Men are From Mars')