Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Hump Day Hook #5

Are you enjoying these Wednesdays snippets?  My TBB list has been growing with every one I read.  Here's a list of the bloggers who are posting this week.  Everyone at your fingertips.  Enjoy! 

Did you hear the news?  One week from today, Class Reunion will release!  If you missed my interview in the ARE newsletter, it can be found here.  So in honor of this long-awaited release for me, here is a tiny bit of it.

  “Interesting how you and Brian both have Subway bags.  Why didn’t he just order from the club like the others?” She linked her arm with Natalie’s.
            Natalie shrugged.  “Maybe he was in the mood for something different for a change?  I mean, who likes to eat at the same place all the time?”
            “Ahhh, but he didn’t stop anywhere.  Brent and I followed him here.  So that begs the question, where did he get it?”  Lisa’s voice dropped to a murmur.  “Come on, Nat…you can tell me.”
            “Okay. We discussed it last night while we were dancing,” Natalie lied.  “I mentioned Subway and he asked me to get him something.  End of story.”
            Lisa made a disappointed sound.  “That’s all?  No juicy details?”
            “What’s there to tell?  Lisa, I’m going back to Idaho tomorrow.  Why on earth would I hook up with someone I won’t see again for another ten years?”  Natalie struggled to keep her face neutral.
            “Ah ha!  You’re turning pink, Natalie. You always were a lousy liar.  Tell me!”  Lisa dropped her arm and faced her.  “You didn’t have sex with a vibrator. You slept with Brian!  Oh my God!”

You can preorder Class Reunion here or come back next week for Reunion Week.  Details will be explained on Monday.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fantastic News!!

I have a release date!  Feb 6th, and you're all cordially invited to share your own Reunion Stories with me.  Beginning Feb 4th, I'll post excerpts, tell stories of my own, and we'll laugh, cry, commiserate!  And yes, there will even be prizes!  You didn't think I'd host a week-long party and not have PRIZES, did you?

And if you're too impatient to wait, by all means go ahead and start!  And you can preorder your copy here:)

So stay tuned:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Hump Day:)

Happy Hump Day!  For more hump day madness-I mean FUN, check out the links on our brand-spanking new Face Book page:) 

Here's a teaser from Teacher's Pet, one of my best-sellers:)  This'll warm everyone up, heh heh heh....

Tammy fought to regain her breath and reached for him, rolling over on top of him.  She covering every inch of his damp chest with kisses, and slid her body backwards down his length, rapidly unfastening his dress slacks and tugging them down to his ankles.  She took his long shaft in her mouth and teased him slow, tasting the effects pleasing her had on him.  She swirled her tongue around the slit at the top, dragged it to the base, and sucked gently on his testicles.  Only after she heard him moan did she rise  and position her dripping wet center upon his member,  
“Want it?” she teased, drawing only the tip inside and gyrating slowly.
“Oh yeah…”  His eyes darkened as they held hers.
“Come and get it,” she whispered.

Teacher's Pet available NOW at Amazon and other fine online book sites:)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hump Day Hook:)

Good lord!  It's been a long time since I posted, hasn't it?  Still waiting for a release date for Class Reunion, and discovered the 3rd book in that trilogy is buried somewhere in my publisher's submission files.  Sigh....

So while we're waiting, here's a snippet from said 3rd book, Off The Clock.  I was inspired for this by the 7 Lines Meme this past week.  So enjoy!  And how about starting a whispering campaign to my publisher?  Just bombard her with emails asking for Class Reunion?  LOL:)

She started the car and headed for her home, clipping her Blue Tooth hands’ free device to her ear and dialing.  When her mother answered, Cara assured her she was on her way home.
            A barrage of complaints hit her ear.
            “Mama, I’m sorry.  I’m in traffic and I’ll be home in a few minutes.  Isn’t Cody there?”  Cara winced when she heard the answer.  Damn it…couldn’t her brother make it through a few hours without starting an argument?  “I told you; I had to work tonight.  That’s why I asked Cody to help you.  Calm down, Mama.  I’ll be there as fast as I can.”  She reached up and turned off the unit and checking her mirrors, changed lanes and stepped on the gas pedal.  Her mother needed her.