Friday, December 16, 2011

CBLS 12 Days of Christmas:)

I'm over at Coffee Beans and Love Scenes today, participating in their 12 Days of Christmas giveaway party.  So come by and enter to win a copy of Teacher's Pet:)

See you over there:)  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And The Winner Is....

(drum roll).....


And since I had such an overwhelming response, I picked another one.


Congratulations ladies:)  I'll be emailing your book shortly.

Thanks to all who participated and have a Merry Christmas!

Molly's 2nd book will be re-released hopefully next week, so check her blog for details:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!

I was beginning to think this day would NEVER arrive!  But today's the day and one lucky commenter will win their own hot-off-the-conversion-file pdf copy:)


Taking a firm grip on her courage, she drove to his driveway and walked up to the porch. Her resolve weakened after she knocked on the door. This is stupid. You haven’t acted this way in over fourteen years. What’s he going to think about you showing up at his house and demanding he take you to bed? Is that how a grown woman with two children acts? Grow up, Tammy! Besides, the man should do the pursuing, not the other way around! Oh really…and what about equal rights? Don’t I have the right to demand sex just like men do?

Her internal war vanished when Kevin opened the door and swept her into his arms, closing the door behind them.

“You have driven me crazy for three days. The problem can wait. I’ve been wanting to kiss you ever since Saturday.” His tongue swept across the corners of her mouth, and, with a sigh, Tammy melted against him, answering his hunger with her own.

She tugged at his sweatshirt, wanting to run her hands up his hairy chest and over his rippling muscles. He worked it over his head, looking surprised when she threw off her own sweatshirt and pressed his naked torso to hers. He groaned and lifted her up, carried her to the bedroom, and left a trail of clothing behind.

“What brought this on?”

She peeled his athletic pants to his ankles. “I’m horny and pressed for time. And it’s all your fault.” She sank to her knees to take his length in her mouth.

                                            * * * *

“Horny and pressed…” his thoughts went out the window; the suction caused him to forget everything but her delectable mouth and tongue.

He buried his fingers in her loose hair, gathered it up, and massaged her scalp.  “Tammy…sweetheart…”

He tugged her head back and lifted her, positioning her on the bed. He kissed her, tasting himself on her tongue and reciprocated, spreading her legs wide. Her naked pussy glistened with moisture; he slipped a finger into her slick entrance, hearing a faint cry of pleasure. He added two more digits, and her muscles clenched. He leaned forward, stroked her petals with his tongue, and lapped at her clit.  She came in a rush and cried out his name. When the initial tremors faded, he removed his fingers and snaked his tongue inside. Her moans increased. Kevin eased upwards and slid his cock inside. He intended to tease her and take it slow, but she grabbed him, and his dick slammed inside her to the hilt. She screamed. He backed off and plunged again. She obviously wanted it hard and fast. Kevin bucked himself forward several times, certain he was hurting her, but she either didn’t care or didn’t notice it. Finally, Kevin’s own passion peaked, and he emptied himself inside her, feeling as though her contractions would snap his cock in two. He collapsed beside her, cupped her generous breasts, and kissed her, loving the damp warmth of her skin beneath his fingertips.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Why is it all my fault?” He rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“Because…you’ve unleashed something inside me. Something that’s been lying dormant for the past several years. Oh, God,” she sighed as his fingers glided down to her clit again. She shifted onto her back and spread her legs wide. “Oh, God, Kevin…I’ve felt like something was missing all weekend.”

“Something missing?” He propped himself up on an elbow and continued to watch her reaction to his easy exploration between her thighs. “Like what?”

“Your cock.” She reached up and kissed him, throwing her leg over his hip. “Make love to me again?”

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Monday, December 12, 2011

One More Day!

Back in 2003, I met a young man at a ball game.  He bore a startling resemblance to my Soul Mate, and since I'm a (cough) happily married woman, I controlled my urge to openly ogle him.  I had taken my kids to baseball practice, and decided to watch the girls' softball game while I waited.

Imagine my surprise when Mr. Hotness came up the bleachers and sat beside me, talking to the Math teacher in front of me.  I wondered if he was the boyfriend of one of the softball players; a teacher; or just a student.  Since I knew the Math teacher, I felt comfortable listening to their conversation.

And that's when the conversation turned to educational standards.  Mr. Hotness mentioned he'd taught in Florida; great!  This made him a colleague, since I worked at the school.  I asked him what part of Florida he was from, and the answer?

"Tampa-St. Pete."

Oooooohhh!  My summer home!  I mentioned my connection to the area, and we had a wonderful conversation.  And then reality set in.

"Mom?  Can I have some money for the concession stand?"  My eight-year-old daughter tugged at my sweatshirt.

I told her to go find her father and turned back to the two men.

But he refused to talk to me after that.  I spent the rest of the time watching the game silently drooling over his profile until it was time to leave.

Fast-forward to October.

I'm now five months pregnant with my youngling.  I was looking for my son's Social Studies classroom and walked into the wrong one.  The teacher took me across the hall and there was Mr. Hottie!   I literally spent the next few minutes listening to him rave about my son while half my brain was screaming to lock the door and have my way with him!  I left that conference praying I sounded like a coherent adult parent instead of a raving hormonal teenager with her first crush!

Fast-forward again to October 2007:
I had decided to try NaNoWriMo for the first time and the authors I was chatting with on a daily basis encouraged me to spice up my sex scenes.  I decided to fictionalize the above scenario at the ball field and imagine what would have happened if I was single and he was interested:)

I sent off the first few pages to see if the heat level was 'hot' enough; the answer a resounding 'YES!  Keep going!'

And so Teacher's Pet was 'born'.

So there's the story behind the story; come back tomorrow for an excerpt and release day party info!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Checking in.....

My alter-ego's been deep in her editing cave, and I've finally been able to poke my head out to breathe!  In case you missed it, I did post my Best. Appetizer. Ever over at the Writer's Evo blog and nearly blew up the blog with 18 comments!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by!  This week's topic is the year-end check of New Year's Resolution/Goals.  So stop by the Evo on Sunday; I'll try to wrangle the computer again on Friday or Saturday.

Right now, I'm in the midst of holiday baking.  Molly's through with her 1st round of edits, so today we're baking cookies and going to pop into Amber's chat over at LRC.  And maybe she'll let me post a little promo for Teacher's Pet, which arrives in six short days:)  You can pre-order it here, and I've already got a party planned, plus karaoke next Wednesday.  So watch for details!

In the meantime, I'm about to embark on a sugar high, until Molly's editor send her back to the cave.  Hopefully round #2 won't take as long!