Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RT '12 Chicago 'Out Takes':)

BC getting an autographed book from Mary Janice Davidson

Author Lisa Hendrix, talking to a new fan.  I didn't get my picture taken with her because as I was stuffing her books into my bag, a woman stepped up to ask a question about Lisa's latest release.  When the woman admitted she had't read the first one, I piped up, 'You'll LOVE it!'  The woman bought all three books:)

Author Kaily Hart autographing her book for me:)

The very photogenic Bronwyn Green texting Mia Watts that BC and I had arrived:)

Standing in the check out line, I liked this woman's shirt:)

Took this because a friend of mine has a tie-die business, and I've asked him to make me one:)  There's a funny story about this picture and the next two.  Keep scrolling!

This one reads 'Authors are my rock stars!'

This one reads 'I read dead people'.

Apparently, when you finish paying for your books, you are supposed to head directly to the door, not turn right and head back toward the center of the room!  I had noticed the T-shirts while in line, but couldn't get anyone's attention to take the pictures for me.  So I thanked my cashier and turned right.  I'd taken about three steps when I heard "Hey!  Hey!  Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!'

I turned around to see what the issue was, and this gentleman was yelling at....ME!  BC had also finished checking out and was closer to him; I heard her say 'She just wants to take a picture of one of the T-shirts', and he nodded his head and waved us on.  So after I snapped the pictures, I handed BC my camera and said 'I have to document my 'Author Behaving Badly' moment!'

Swiped this from Lisa Kessler's pictures; I had tried to get BC to stand beside him, but she refused.  So no pirate picture on my memory card!  We'd also seen a woman dressed like Marie Antoinette, but didn't get a picture of her either; she'd moved on by the time we arrived where we'd seen her.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet The Authors! RT Chicago Pt. 2:)

We arrived; paid the $5 entry fee, and promptly lost Brannick, who'd wandered off to get coffee, then didn't see us bent over the Author Chart as we took note of which authors were in what row, so we could get through more quickly, since it was already close to one o'clock.  He found us, and after some more trial and error, we found our way inside:)  This is author Ashlyn Chase.  I've not read any of her books; I just recognized the name.

Author Samantha Cayto.  I've chatted with her online, and again, just name recognition.

Author Lynn Connelly.  Again, I've chatted with her online.

Author PG Forte.  I think we had her on the RBRU chat loop.  I thought I'd moderated the chat, but now I'm not so sure....but I did recognize her name!

Author Mari Freeman.  I didn't recognize her name, but I DID recognize the 'Tease The Cougar' book!  This series (now antho) has been on my TBB list ever since I learned about it!  So excited, it is the first book of the ones bought at the convention I chose to read!

Author Isabelle Drake.  Name recognition, plus I KNOW I own one of her books!  Just couldn't think of the title, even though I'd read it in the last year.  Don't you hate that, when you go into 'fan mode', then discover the plot of the book you're thinking of is someone else's book?   Plus, this is the 'Flavors of Ecstasy' book that's been at the top of my TBB list since 2009!  Regina Carlysle is also in this antho, so getting Isabelle's JH (John Hancock aka autograph) was another plus!  I'll probably read this one next:)

Author Kaily Hart.  We're FB friends, and I've commented on several of her posts.  Looking forward to reading your book Kaily!

And now the personal 'squee' moments:  Author Bronwyn Green was very happy to finally meet myself and BC Brown!  We received a warm welcome and hugs, and had to practically force ourselves to keep mingling!  Bron was even nice enough to text author Mia Watts, who was there unofficially, and let her know two 'fans' were in the house:)

And here she is, author Mia Watts/Katie Blue/Kelly Kirch:)  I'd actually met her two or three years ago, when she happened to be traveling through Evansville on her way home.  I drove down and spent a few hours with her while our kids swam in the pool.

Personal 'squee' moment #2:  Meeting Desiree Holt:)  And her 'Joy Ride' has also been on my TBB list for over a year, so snapped it up!  I might bump it ahead of 'Flavors'!

Author and promotions guru Marcia James:)  I hadn't known she was an author, so this was nice!  I'd been on a chat with her three years ago, learning about how to better promote myself, and she sent me her promo tips.

And finally, 'squee' moment #3, meeting Brynn Paulin and picking up her awesome Cress Bros collection!  She promised that Francesca's story would be out in a few months, so very much looking forward to it!  And I'm not entirely sure why I didn't pick up her Dragon series....that was an oversight!

Tomorrow, back on Molly's blog:  Pt 3 and the authors we missed, due to the long lines and our tardy arrival.  And maybe I'll post some of the 'out takes' of the trip, buwaaahaaaa!