Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HDH #27: Halloween Fun!

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Since it's Halloween tomorrow, I'm giving you a break from Randi and Brian.  Since none of my books or wips have any Halloween scenes, I decided to continue the scene posted over on Molly's blog.  In Endless Love, after leaving the Haunted House, Peter, Caitlyn, and Amy join the rest of the gang at a local bar, where a surprise awaits.  Enjoy!

 “At eleven o’clock, we have to get up on stage and let the audience choose the winners. Anybody want to switch costumes with me?”

“Oh, Keri, it’ll be fun. Besides, neither of us can squeeze into that tiny skirt of yours. Thank you.” She accepted her whiskey sour from the server.

“Or your shoes,” Amy added.

Keri pouted then shrugged. “Oh well, if I get drunk enough, it won’t matter, right?”

“Just don’t fall down. I’m going to join Steph, Gretchen, and Troy on the dance floor.” Taking off her hat, Amy made her way to the crowded dance floor.

“What happened to her nose?” Keri signaled to the server. “It looks swollen.”

“It is.” Caty filled her in on what had happened. “Peter, do you dance?”

“Sure, what the hell.” He pulled himself to his feet and followed her. When the judging began, Troy, Gretchen, Keri, and Stephanie went on stage. A large selection of others in costume joined them, and after the first round, they were still in the running, along with a pregnant nun, a Hershey’s Kiss, a green M&M, and a pair of aliens. The judges eliminated the two candies first, then the aliens. After several moments of consultation, they announced a tiebreaker. To everyone’s surprise, the DJ announced, Robert Palmer and Girls as the winner.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!  See you back here next week for another exciting snippet:)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HDH #26

Welcome to another exciting installment of my scary, potentially controversial wip, titled Anatomy of an Affair.  You seemed to enjoy last week's, where Brian meets Randi and has an instant attraction.  Was it mutual?

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Apologies for the head-hopping and for the length.  I'll clean it up later.  This was written maybe 12 years ago.  In this scene, Brian has called one of his stand-by girls to satisfy his arousal, but now can't get Randi out of his mind.

Just a few blocks down the street, Randi stood looking outside John’s bedroom window, her robe pulled tightly around her.  In the bed, John lay snoring, and she stared out at the stars, thinking of the man who’d rocked her world with the slightest pressure of his fingers.  How did this happen?  She asked herself over and over.  You’re acting like a teenager with a crush!  Get a grip on yourself!  The guy’s obviously a womanizer...looking to get a quick lay...look at how quickly he charmed the other girls...I wonder who he left with...who he’s with right now...Stop it!  It’s none of your business!  Besides, I love John, she argued with herself.  She turned to look at the young man sprawled across the waterbed, oblivious to everything but his dreams.  You just can’t throw away six months and go chasing after his best friend!  It’s just not done!  You never come between two guys!  Now stop acting like an oversexed idiot and get control of yourself!  Giving herself a shake, she returned to the bed and slid in beside John, shedding her robe and shivering as his body heat reached out to her and enveloped her in its warmth.  But in spite of her good intentions, her mind focused on a pair of arresting brown eyes...
Alone at his own window, Brian was also giving himself a mental pep talk.  She’s taken...even if John doesn’t know how to treat her the way she ought to be treated...How in the hell would you know?  You just met her!  Maybe she goes after sleezeballs...some chicks go after the bad-boy image...maybe she likes being disrespected...No way.  I recognized her type...she should be with me!  She should be with me!
“Brian?” A sleepy voice interrupted his thoughts.  “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” he whispered back.  “I just couldn’t sleep.”  He returned to the bed, determined to put Randi out of his mind. 
“Here...I’ll give you something guaranteed to help you fall asleep,” she said, sliding her hands down his chest and following with her lips.

Summoning his self-control, he allowed her to play with his body, squeezing his eyes shut and conjuring up Randi’s image when he felt himself not responding.  Shit.  Was this to be his fate, then?  Having to picture another woman’s face just to perform?  Afteward, he feigned exhaustion and snuggled her close until her heavy breathing signaled sleep.  Gently he eased out from under her and put as much distance from her as he could, accepting the fact that sleep was far off.

Did you check out Molly's latest installment of 'our' wip?  Yes, Hunter and Kayla will be under my name....

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

HDH #25

Yes, I'm aware I haven't participated lately.  Blame Molly, lol....she's even posted some of the current wip which will be under my name!

Anyway, several of you asked for a snippet of my infidelity story, called Anatomy of an Affair.  In the beginning, they meet, but Randi (heroine) is with Brian's best friend.  She's just told him her roommate is dating Mike; Brian states he hadn't seen him yet.

“He’s occupied, if you know what I mean, dude,” John Kendall winked and clinked his beer against his friend’s, inclining his head slightly toward the house.
            Brian immediately understood; Mike always preferred to take his women upstairs first, then spend the rest of the evening hitting on the other ladies before ultimately drinking too much and then going home with his original female.  He didn’t know how some guys still managed to do had been fine in high school, and the first two years of college, but lately meaningless sex was losing its appeal.  He preferred to engage the women he chose in conversation, unless of course, they were an absolute knockout, then he might bed them without question.  But the last girl he’d done that to had turned out to be self-centered and uninteresting.  These days, he was more cautious about who he approached.
            “Have you found anyone yet?” John was saying, stroking Randi’s cheek.

            Yes, I have, but you found her first, he wanted to say.  Shaking his head, he sipped his beer and looked around.  Might as well be honest.  “I noticed Randi, and was about to introduce myself,” he said, careful to avoid her eyes.  “I see Brenda’s looking lonely.  See ya later.”

Over the next several weeks, I'll take you through this complicated relationship, and if you think it's believable, then I might try to finish it.  This is the story that every time I add more to it, I find out a few months later that one of my friends is going, or has gone through, a similar situation.  So I'm a little scared to keep going, lol!  This is very rough, and I'm going to have to clean it up, since there is a great deal of head-hopping.  I'll try to keep those segments off of here:)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Winners Announced!

Yes, I chose TWO:)

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