Thursday, November 30, 2017

Home Improvement Plans.....#MFRW Authors #48

Technically, this week's topic is Five Things on my Bucket List.
Didn't we cover this in Week #17?

To briefly recap it, click the link above.

Yes, TRAVEL is at the top of my bucket list.  But at the top of my Christmas List?

You guessed it....a new laptop.  I already have a new desk top tower, so as soon as MS Word is installed, I will have a fully functional computer.

I mentioned the houses that came with the one we live in, didn't I?  Item #2 would be to Get Our Green House Emptied and Torn Down.

The only things left inside is some windows, a refrigerator, dishwasher, washer (all non-working), some shelving, a filing cabinet, and a patio table.  Then this house can be torn down.  This is an older picture I found, and you can't see the holes in the roof or the fact the back has completely collapsed.

Item #3:  Our Brown House Used For Storage:

This house will actually stay standing for a while.  We plan to eventually move the contents of our storage unit into it, as soon as we finish getting rid of some exercise equipment, several doors, several rolls of carpet, and the spouse plans to use the flooring found on the upper level for the garage roof.  We can't restore this house; there's evidence it had once caught fire and the previous owner tried to reuse the existing (burnt) ceiling joices.  A no-no.

#4:  Little Things For The Living Space:
My closet is tiny.  I need a shelf above my bed, to hold my clock and hearing aid container.  I want to replace my existing bedside table with a three-drawer tote, so I can store more of my clothing inside.  Currently, they're in a box at the foot of my bed.   Yeah, been here an entire year now, and my clothes are still in a box.

#5:  Outlets In The Basement....And In The Dining Room!
Dining Room:  So we can utilize the other wall.  Currently, there are only two outlets in this room.  One by the kitchen and one by the hallway.  One more outlet would take the pressure off the power strip to my immediate left.

Basement:  I could set up my stereo....move my computer essence, move my writing space downstairs!  Not to mention relocating the chest freezer down there, freeing up more space in the garage!

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NaNo Update: Made it over the 10K mark at 10033:)

Then I get to start baking cookies!  Whoo hoo!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

"Technical Difficulties...Please Stand By..." #MFRW Authors #47

Back in 2011, this was my 'prime' writing space, our local bookstore, along with my shiny new laptop:)

However, two weeks ago, it died.  This is all that's left of it.

Have you figured out by now that electronics just don't like me?

Yesterday, a friend of mine brought over this shiny new tower!  My desk top, purchased in 2008 (Vista operating system) was outdated, and throwing fits.  That tower was replaced with a MS 7 OS, and e-machine, so I can at least do my online job, write, and not have to wait ten minutes for pages to load.

I've also written at the kitchen table (at our old house).

With all these techno-challenges, I've been forced to use Google Docs, or even more recently, resort to that tried-and-true method, the notebook and pen.  Then comes the challenge of deciphering my own handwriting.  Never very good, since the invention learning to type availability of home computers, my handwriting has gotten worse  (my 3rd grade teacher has probably already been rolling in her grave for the past twenty years!).

My dream office downstairs still needs outlets, shelving, and other items before I can move my desk downstairs.  Hopefully next year???  Stay tuned!

In the meantime,

                       Happy Thanksgiving!

To see what other authors' writing spaces look like, go here.  And don't forget to shop local on Small Business Saturday!  Stay safe if you venture out tomorrow for Black Friday.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Indy Christmas Gift and Hobby Show #MFRW Authors #46

Again, laptop indeed died, and I'm supposedly getting a temporary laptop to use until our insurance $$ arrives and I can get a new one (hubby was in an auto accident the week before Halloween-no one seriously injured, but the truck was totalled).  So in the meantime, I'm using my very UNRELIABLE desk top, which was purchased new ten years ago, when VISTA was the 'new' Operating Server.

Now....the topic at hand is 'let me brag for a moment'.

Hmmmm.....there's child #1 who has earned his Orange Belt in Tai Kwon Do, and took 2nd place in a tournament a few weeks has lost over 100 lbs on the Keto diet.

Or there's the granddaughter, who spelled out her Uncle's T-shirt....still can't read yet, but is recognizing her letters!

What About Why I Was Absent Last Week??
Or there's the fact that last week, I managed to sell 13 books, three more than last year, PLUS managed to pay for half my booth for next year AND gas up my rental car AND pay for food during the ride home.

That's me on the far right; I completely sold out of Teacher's Pet, Hotel Stories, Best of Both Worlds, and Orion Anthology:)

Now to order more.....sigh.....

What's going on in YOUR life?  Tell me:)

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

So Many To Choose From! #MFRW Authors #45

How do you pick one date that stands out?  I have six, yes SIX that I absolutely can not pick 'just one'.  I'll keep it brief, though!

April 20, 1991:  The day I found out I was expecting my 1st child.

Dec 8, 1991:  The day Child #1 was born, at 3:41am.  I'd gone into active labor around 7 pm on the 7th.  Start-finish:  8.5 hours.

July 3, 1994:  The day Child #2 was born, after a quick 3 hour trip to the hospital.  We weren't due for three more weeks, but my 'firecracker' decided to arrive early, while we were out of town.  We debated going to the local hospital or trying to make the trip back to Indianapolis, and opted for the latter.  Long story short, an hour after we arrived, Miss Sara made her entrance.  Start-finish:  4 hours.

Feb 29-March 1, 2004:  Child #3 (and final!) arrives.  I was happily watching the Academy Awards when I made a trip to the bathroom at 10 pm and my water broke.  Since this had never happened at home before, plus it had been ten years, I totally panicked.  I did NOT want this child to be a Leap Year Baby, and was praying we'd get to the hospital in time (do you see the pattern I thought we were establishing?), plus I was pissed about missing the rest of the awards.  So when we arrived at the hospital, I demanded my spouse turn on the TV so I find out if Lord of the Rings won Best Picture.  I don't remember anything more until the awards were over, other than telling the nurse the child could NOT be born until after midnight, lol!  I was thrilled to learn I was only dilated at 5, and could get the elusive epidural, which I wasn't able to get with the other two.  Finally, at 3:29 am my 'caboose' was born.  Start-finish:  5.5 hours.  NOT the 2 hours I predicted!

Nov 15, 2008:  The day my first e-book was accepted, with the condition I expand the story.  I was thrilled!

Jan 29, 2009:  The day my 1st contract arrived from Freya's Bower for All She Ever Wanted.

Okay; I'm throwing in a 7th:  May 19, 2009:  The day ASEW went live on amazon:)  My writer's group threw me a release party, complete with cake, and the family took me out to dinner:)

What about you?  What date immediately comes to mind when asked about your 'most memorable'?
For others, go here.

Apologies again; I'm currently up in Indianapolis at the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show.  My laptop died earlier this week, so I've posted this earlier than usual with the help of my son's computer.  I'll check in with everyone on Monday.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Apologies.....#MFRW Authors #44

Forgive me; I had an entire post prepared, but before I could write it, LIFE interfered, and here it is, twelve-thirty Thursday night/early Friday morning and I cannot remember one word of what I was going to write!

Who inspires me?  My mom, other authors.....look to the blog roll to the right.  These ladies encouraged me on this journey ten years ago, and I'm forever grateful to them.

I also admire my daughter.  For someone who never played with dolls, she's turned out to be a darn good mother to my granddaughter!

Now, what the heck blew up this week?  
-A week ago, a woman pulled out in front of my spouse as he was taking the kids to school.  No one was seriously injured, but our truck is now missing the front end.  The insurance adjuster FINALLY has arranged for a rental car for us that we'll be picking up around 9 am.

-Kids.  My teen had a meltdown and managed to get himself suspended from school Tuesday and Wednesday.  He became my House Elf, and complained bitterly, but maybe now he'll remember that getting suspended is no laughing matter around here?  Plus, taking care of a house is Hard Work when all you want to do is play videos and sleep til noon....oh yes, he was grounded from the PS3 and all electronics.

-Granddaughter:  Had an accident twice this week in kindergarten, and the 2nd time, her mommy forgot to send fresh clothes to school.  Did I mention we got this news as soon as her mommy left for work and my oldest left for his afternoon college course?  Poor child had to hang out in the nurse's office for an hour until College Kid returned and we could go rescue her.  Since we now live over a mile away from the school instead of 5 blocks, walking was NOT an option, esp in the rainy weather today!

So apologies; Kenzie's a little stressed out and grumpy today.  

To see who the other authors on this blog hop admire, go here.  Don't forget to come back next week; I'm sure to be in a better mood!