Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So Many Choices! #MFRW Authors #30

 Paperback, E-book, or Audio?
Can I just say 'yes'?

I  grew up with print books.  I was also the kid who lugged them everywhere, so if I got a spare moment, I could read.

Storing them is another matter.  By now you've figured out that I married 'Grumpy Claus'....the man may resemble Santa, but he's actually his grouchy younger brother.  The only time I've had my entire print library on shelves was from 1997-2006.  He griped because I even had shelves under his train table.  I thought it was okay, because he only used the top part! was still invading 'his' space.

I've become more selective of the ones I hold onto; if I didn't like one, it gets donated.  I'm currently turning the basement into my home office, and dream of the day all my favorites are back on shelves, not shoved in boxes in my storage unit.  Our previous house had no room for my babies.

I do like to buy print copies of the wonderful authors I've met over the years, so I'm not entirely converted to the next category, lol!

My Kindle would have been perfect for me as a teen!  Mom used to complain about the tote bag full of reading material when we went on vacations.  Not only by car, but we would also spend 3 weeks in Florida every summer.  What can I say?  I like to read by the pool or at the beach when I'm not in the water.  There's also the plane ride....the trip from the airport....rainy days....during the car ride to Disney or to visit my get the picture.  Then I could have carried my entire library with me in the palm of my hand....and she wouldn't have had to shell out $3-5 every other day (I'm exaggerating!) for fresh reading material when I ran out.

When Grumpy Claus was working, I bought about 12 books a month.  Since he retired, I'm lucky if I get to buy one every month.  My wish list on Amazon is over 20 pages.  At last count on Goodreads, it stood at 250 books and more added each month.  Yeah, I need to win a lottery......

I will admit, I've only listened to two audio books.  The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe held us spellbound back in the early 2000s, and I think we flipped the disc over maybe 10 times before we resumed listening to music.

Dad was listening to The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis, and I found my attention wandering when I rode with him. So maybe it was the subject matter?

I've not tried to listen to any of my friends' audio books, but maybe if my eyesight gets worse, then I'll have to resort to getting an Audible account.

What's your opinion?  What is your choice?
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Again, I'm out of town this weekend.  I'll be volunteering my time at the Indies In Indy conference, so if you're near Carmel, In and want to stop by, I'll be at the Silent Auction table:)  I'll probably catch up with everyone else's post on Sunday or Monday!


Unknown said...

My storage problem isn't with books I've read. I finally learned to donate the ones I didn't need to keep. My problem is storing all the books I've purchased but haven't yet read. It's a sickness, I tell you! Enjoyed your post :)

Meka James said...

LOL Grumpy Claus. Good luck with finishing your basement so you can once again have all your books on a shelf.

My 14 yr old doesn't read much (sadness I know) but when he does he actually prefers the actual book. We bought him a Kindle a few years back and it's collecting dust. He won't read on it and since getting a phone he doesn't even need it for chatting with his friends.

Maureen said...

I've donated a lot of books over the years due to lack of space. It's hard to part with them.

Anonymous said...

When I moved two years ago, I had to donate a lot of books. We all have our own specials we can never part with. At least I can store the ones I still have on a bookcase now. My preferred format these days is an eBook for easier reading and convenience. Hope you're having fun this weekend.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Talking about the books you dragged with you on family vacations brings back memories! I did the same. Luckily, I was able to read in the car, or I think I'd have gone bonkers, esp. when we drove cross country between California and Pennsylvania. An e-reader is idea for travel, and hubby never knows how many books you read. Very evil grin. Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I remember all too well the books we packed for our four children when we went on car trips to or from Arizona to Canada. E-readers would've been easier -- if the kids were older at the time, that is!

Alina K. Field said...

I have waaay too many books on my shelves! My husband is a reader also, so we have his and mine. We really need to pare down!

Unknown said...

In my basement, I have boxes full of books I've read and loved enough that I can't part with them. And more on my Kindle. I wonder if there is a hoarder "niche" for readers who won't part with their books?

Helen Henderson said...

You were spot on about space. Since our move last year I lost most of my "book" space. Non-fiction reference books are in boxes in the closet, most used writing references on the shelf next to the desk. Two, yes I said two, short shelves contain the to be read books. Cleaning out is difficult but books have gone to local libraries, senior centers, the Veterans Homes, the VA hospital not to mention those sold. Still, the rule to let a book go before bringing in a new one means decisions...decisions. Enjoyed the post.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks everyone:)

@Sherry, Meka, Maureen, Mary,and Helen: I've only been through 30-40 boxes of books, and have lost count of what the ratio of kept/donated is! I'm PRAYING my box of classics isn't full of insects or mold....

@Linda and Ed: I hear ya! The one time my grandmother took me to the library, I tried to check out 10 books and she held me to three. Two days later, she took me back and didn't place a limit on me for the rest of our visit, lol!

@Alina: Paring down is tough. I finally gave up the china I bought before I was married, since I've only used it once in 26 years. I have a hard time doing this with clothing also.

@Robin: 'Book Hoarders' unite! I also found two entire plastic gallon Ziplock bags with the 3.5 floppies that I used to save my e-books on before I acquired the Kindle. And my Sony e-reader is frozen, so can't access the books that are stored on it. I don't even have a LIST of what's on it!