Friday, April 28, 2017

Travel Bug....I Haz It! #MFRW Authors #17

Yikes!  Friday managed to sneak up on me!  Since I'm getting ready to travel to an event, I'll keep this short and sweet.

Where would I like to visit?

1)  Italy.  I love the food and want to see Rome.

2)  France.  Again, I love the food and want to see the art museums.

3)  Greece.  I love mythology and want to see the ancient ruins.

4)  Branson, Mo.  Guess I'm dating myself if I say I want to see the Osmond Brothers perform?  Plus I saw a commercial with an amusement park....yeah, I'm still a kid at heart, which leads me to the final one....

5) Disney World.  I want to spend an entire day at each park, then have the luxury of going back to watch the shows and enjoy the nightlife.  Tried to do this in 2004, but when you travel with a 3 mo/old and teenagers, as well as aging parents, let's just say a) June was NOT the month to go and b) I should have left the kids at the motel with their grandparents and gone by myself, lol!

Where do YOU want to visit?  To see others' dream spots, go here.


Unknown said...

I forgot about Greece.

Meka James said...

LOL on Disney World. I've gone once when my now 20 yr old daughter was in 2nd grade. We went in April so not too bad heat wise, but a lot and I do mean A LOT of time was wasted because she insisted on standing in line for autographs! Never again if we go back to take our sons.

Helen Henderson said...

LOL about Disney World. Went decades ago in July. And since I was camping didn't have the luxury of air conditioning. Next time I'm staying in the resort so I can nap in the afternoon. :)

Linda McLaughlin said...

I've been to northern France and the food was delicious. When you go, try the hot chocolate. It's like molten dark chocolate with cream on the side. Magnifique!

And when you go to Orlando, don't forget Universal Studios and the Happy Potter Wizarding World. I just went to the Potter World in Hollywood and it was so much fun. I felt like a kid again, and had no choice but to get a robe and a wand. I'm all ready for Halloween now. Just need a witch hat.

Anonymous said...

Little known fact: Branson got it's start as a tourist destination because of a yearly local festival based on a book, The Shepherd of the Hills, by Harold Bell Wright. Wright was his times best selling author -- because he blazed a marketing trail by getting his works in the Sears Catalogue.

RaineB said...

I agree with the LOL comments about your Disney World experience. AND about the Osmonds! I was so in love with Donny when I was in 3rd grade! :D Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I've been to all the places on your list (I just realized how lucky I am). I hope you get to experience them all!

Kenzie Michaels said...

@Alicia: LOL! Ever since I learned about Greek Mythology, I've wanted to go there.

@Meka: We bought the kids autograph albums, but they were too shy to go up and get the characters to sign them!

@Helen: I would LOVE to stay at one of the resorts! Last time we went, we stayed in Kissimmee.

@Linda: Yes, I'd love to spend time at Universal and Sea World:) Oooooh, the hot chocolate sounds divine!

@Ed: I did NOT know that about Branson! Thanks for letting me know:)

@Raine: I wore my purple socks every week as I watched Donny and Marie, lol:)

@Robin: Thank you:)