Friday, April 7, 2017

"Have I Got An Idea For You!" #MFRWauthors #14

I've already told you the story behind Kira's Slice of Pizza, so by now you should realize I find inspiration in the weirdest places!

All She Ever Wanted:  I was cooking dinner at the stove when all of a sudden I heard 'Don't get your knickers in a twist; this is only temporary...' and then I had two characters bickering.  I had to shut off dinner and go write it down.  Four days later, the book was finished.

Class Reunion:  From a fan:  Hey Kenzie, I really want to know more about this Brian Vellinger character....Six months later, I attended two reunions and when two classmates discovered they share a birthday....this story was born.

Off The Clock:  I began attending my 1st writer's group, and after a couple of meetings, an anthology idea was tossed around.  I came up with the first two chapters, presented them the next week, only to be told they were thinking of another setting.  Cara and Austin wouldn't leave me alone, and then the anthology idea went nowhere, so I 'stole' the title and then Austin hijacked Class Reunion....suddenly I had a trilogy!

Teacher's Pet:  I was challenged by friends to bump up my heat level, so I remembered the reaction I had toward my son's history teacher, and well, the rest is history....

Wild At Heart:  News blurb about prison reform is heard on the radio.  Suddenly 'Steve' is in my head telling me, "That's me.  I'm trying to convince the town I've changed after my prison term...write my story!"  I happened to be driving at the time, so a month later I was able to finally sit down and write it.  Wasn't exactly the story 'Steve' had in mind, but I love it!

Appetite For Desire:  I'd been watching Food Network.  I also used my own country club waitress experience plus tossed in some fantasy:)

The Chosen series:  Everything was going fine.  Tricia and Brock had met, they spent the night together...all was going well until Brock suddenly told her 'I'm not from Earth'.  I quit writing it for an entire decade!  Then when I dusted it off and kept going, it spawned four more books.

If you're wondering about that Confessions Over Cold Eggs I mentioned last week, well, here's an excerpt:

“I’m sorry. I thought I could present my argument less emotionally. Just forget I said anything.”
“No, let’s simply salvage what’s left of our breakfast, then I won’t bother you again. Maybe I can stall the decision a little while longer, at least until I graduate next year. Then I’ll have my nursing certificate and can join a hospital in another town, where no one knows me or my background, and I can find another karaoke bar.” Ainsley put a bite of food in her mouth, then grimaced. “Ugh. This is cold.” She looked up at him again.
Gary felt laughter bubbling up, and saw the smile spreading across her face. “Guess we should have eaten before talking about your troubles?” He chuckled.
“Confessions over cold eggs.” Putting her hands over her mouth, she giggled. “This is my treat, so shall we start over?”
He shook his head. “No, they’ll just microwave our plates. Tell you what, let’s go back to the bar and I’ll ask Rachelle to whip us up two shredded beef tacos. They should be about to close down the bar for the night, and she won’t mind. She’s done it before for others.” Gary signaled for the server and scooped up both tickets. “No, I’ve got this,” he said when Ainsley protested. “Besides, I think you just helped me with something I’ve been struggling with.” He slid out of the booth and paid the cashier, then turned back to the stunned girl. “Let’s go.”

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Unknown said...

I can totally relate to your inspiration! I have gotten many ideas while either cooking dinner or cleaning up afterwards. What amazes me however, is how you managed to write the complete story - 4 days later! Wow! I'm constantly juggling my time between day job, family life, writing, and domestic goddess duty. Sadly, I don't juggle well at all.

Kenzie Michaels said...

@Ellie: LOL...that was a bit misleading. Over the 4th of July weekend, I managed to write 15K, but when it was accepted six months later, I had to add about another 10K to it. I had at first submitted it for an antho, but hadn't read the guidelines (oops!). My next publisher felt it was 'rushed', and wanted me to expand the plot.

Meka James said...

Amazing you got a story done in 4 days!!! That is crazy. Teach me your ways! :) I love that everyone gets their story ideas from the most random of places. Makes me feel normal. I totally relate to the teacher pet thing. My son is heading into high school but one of his 8th grade teachers certainly made me pause when I first saw her.

Alina K. Field said...

Great post! My inspiration often comes in the shower or when I'm walking the dog.

Helen Henderson said...

Isn't it fun when the characters take over? I can understand taking a break after they take over and announce "I'm not from earth." fun post.

Cailin Briste said...

I tend to let ideas simmer before I begin writing. Maybe I should try writing it down immediately. I'd love to have 15k of a story written in four days. :)

Anonymous said...

Your're lucky, Kenzie. The Food Channel inspires me only to eat too much. Here’s my inspiration.

Kenzie Michaels said...

@Meka: I left that P/T conference PRAYING I sounded like a coherent adult instead of a teenager with her 1st crush! Half my brain was screaming, 'Lock the door and have your way with me!'

As for that writing stint....this was before social media 'took off'. I only wrote, checked email, and a few blogs every day.

@Alina: LOL...I once got an idea while in the shower, then the characters began arguing and revising their career choices....then they went silent. I asked, "Where did you go?" and "We decided you were too busy, so we're off to find another author who writes faster.'


@Helen: Sometimes they definitely take you for a ride and all you can do is hang on!

@Calin: Believe me, the family was NOT happy I spent the holiday tied to the computer! But that was before it became a habit....and Facebook was a 'thing'....

@Ed: know you've watched too many cooking shows when you go out to eat and start a commentary on presentation, taste, and the way the flavors 'blend'! I also caught myself 'describing' the process while fixing my own meal!

Unknown said...

I can't wait until (a) I actually have a fan (never mind if they ask me about a character!) and (b) I can write most of a story in 4 days. Thanks for sharing. :)

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