Friday, October 13, 2017

Why Do I Blog? #MFRW Authors #41

Heartfelt apologies for being late with this post; it took me two days to 'recover' from my busy weekend, then children's illnesses have kept me busy.  We even forgot to set out our trash can this morning!  Now, I can feel my own body is trying to fight off something....ugh.

The short, simple answer is LIFE.  Somewhere, there is a news article, or a national uproar that I simply can't keep my fingers quiet about.  I've been inspired to blog about my outrage against parental warnings against Classic Sesame Street episodes ("May be harmful to your child"...give me a break!), Idiots In The News (aka Stupid Criminals or just stupidity in general), or even recent issues such as disrespecting our flag and my rage against finding affordable health care.

My Writer Life
I love drawing ideas from other blogs, and blog hops.  I used to long to become a member of Oh Get A Grip or The Writer's Evolution blog groups, and for a while was following their weekly topics.  I did manage to become a member of TWE, only to have everyone else get tired and stop posting.

Back in 2011-2013 I managed to hop on the 'submit-edit-release-promo-submit-edit-release-promo' merry-go-round (aka Book of the Month Club as I call it), where just about every month I was releasing a new title.  This was exhausting, and something I don't intend to ever do again.

Not to mention the 50 lbs I managed to pack on during that time, due to being chained to my laptop!  Note to self:  Next time I wind up with a publisher who wants to release books every other month, say NO!

Other Posts:
Some are witty, some are author interviews, some accidentally cause the Blog Mob to rise up against me.  Some are silly things my kids have done.

So you see, inspiration can be found EVERYWHERE.  If you're stumped for a topic, turn on the local news, read the paper, listen to the radio.  Or find your favorite author's blog and scroll through his/her posts until you find a head-scratching moment or think. 'Yeah!  That's a good idea!"

To see where other authors draw their inspirations from, go here.

Forgot to mention:  Found out Teacher's Pet should be releasing by either later today or by the end of next week!  So excited about this news!!!!  Next up is the reboot of The Anderson Chronicles, coming soon to Stardust/Erotes Press!


Meka James said...

Sounds about right. It's no one thing. Like writing in general gets inspired by the world around us, makes sense our blogs do as well.

Unknown said...

YOu sound a lot like me - inspiration is whatever is going on around me, in the writing community, or the story I'm working on, or . . . whatever.
I don't know how you ever managed a book a month - I don't think I could and I can't afford to gain 50 pounds!
Enjoyed your post!

Helen Henderson said...

Congrats on the new/upcoming release. And tell the bug to go away. I can't afford to gain 50 more pounds. Between what the husband and another relative lost (which they gave to me) I already packed on that much in the past two years. Anyone want some free pounds? Enjoyed the posy.

Unknown said...

A book a month? OMG! Congrats for posting if you're getting sick - feel better!

Shari Elder said...

Totally agree that inspiration is everywhere. But my mood and my workload probably determine the degree to which I jump on an idea.

RaineB said...

A book every other month sounds like insanity and something I'd never accomplish, so good on ya! Thanks for sharing, Kenzie.

Anonymous said...

A book a month? That's cruel and inhuman. A book a years is more like it.

Congrats on the release. Do you have November's book almost ready to go?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new release, Kenzie. I agree that inspiration comes from the world around us. I hope that bug doesn't stuck around.

Anonymous said...

Oh, darn. I hope the bug doesn't STICK around.

Kenzie Michaels said...

@Elle, Robin, Raine, and Ed: Yes, it was exhausting and something I never want to do again.

@Meka, Helen, Shari, and Mary: Thank you:) Proof that there will always be an opinion to blog about:)

Thanks for stopping by everyone!