Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Mom Always Liked You Best..."

Picking my favorite character last week was easy. This week, how can I possibly choose my favorite out of the multitudes of books I've read in my forty-plus years?

Little Women: I love Jo, and her drive to be published; Beth's musical ability; Amy because she got the boy next door.

Lavryl: I'm partial to Clay and Catherine's story in Separate Beds.

Nora: There are two trilogies full of characters: The Key Trilogy and the Sisters Trilogy.

Brynn: Cress Brothers, hands down.

Cindy: I like her geeks:)

Dakota: While I like her vamps, her second book, Hello, is my favorite.

LIFE is starting to return to normal again. I should be back to my normal Monday posting:)

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