Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pet Peeves, Pt 2

Either my readers gave up, or they're keeping their opinions to themselves...(sigh)'s okay:)

#2...Cracking the knuckles

Everyone has their auditory limits; some are more sensitive than others. For some, it's gum smacking. Others hate it when chalk squeeks on the blackboard. For me, I can't stand the sound of popping fingers.

A friend of mine does this out of habit. And when he does it in my presence, I want to cringe, grab my ears, and run screaming from the room. Fortunately, he knows me well enough by now that when he cracks the first one and sees me shut my eyes in pain, he stops and apologizes. And then removes himself to finish the job.

I managed to be polite when the Dish Network techi began to crack his. I simply winced and asked him not to do that. He was nice, and complied. But my son...he knows how to torture me, and now my daughter has picked up the annoying habit. But since I took away the cell phones and have threatened car priveleges whenever they start now, Mom has the upper hand again.

#3 Not returning Email questions

Another annoying habit by another friend. It's not like I bombard her with questions or anything, but when I ask a question, please answer it? Is that so hard to ask? And I'm not asking hard ones! Simple ones, such as "Who do you think will win the game tonight?" or "Do you think you can make it on Saturday to the signing?" But noooo. I'm being ignored in cyberspace until she finds the time in her busy schedule to hit the 'reply' button.

And I don't flood her inbox with emails, let me assure you. I email her on a friendly basis, generally once a week, sort of a 'hi, how are ya' thing. (No, she doesn't blog.) We're not CLOSE friends, but we've known each other for over twenty years. And she picks the ones she chooses to answer. Which I guess is her right; it just bugs the crap out of me when I want her opinion on something and it doesn't get answered until the second or third time I ask! Or we'll finally connect in person and I'll ask her then! Okay...this sounds a little whiny. Sorry.

On to happy news...

Finished the edits on chapter 2 and am anxiously awaiting chapter 3:) So far, my partner is very interested in the story and likes what I've written! Now I just hope a future publisher/editor does as well...

Am also in 'blah' mode. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you're feeling lazy? My favs are:

Numb-Linkin Park
I Don't Want To- Toni Braxton
Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd (actually everything on Momentary Lapse of Reason album!)
Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd
Reba McEntire
Vince Gill

Okay...wrote those last two artists, and now Reba and Brooks and Dunn are singing "If You See Her" in my head. I'm going to have to dig out that CD and listen to it; the bridge is stuck on a loop right now!

"And I still want her
And I still miss him so.
And I wonder why we let each other go..."

I'm getting off now, before I infringe on any copyright laws!

Next post: Adults wanting to be their children's friend.

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