Friday, April 4, 2008


Pet Peeve #5? Complaining all the time! What is my alter ego doing today? Complaining!

But I guess I should clarify; she's ranting about her disrupted schedule. I hate it when I get together with friends and they spend the majority of the time we have slamming their significant other!

A little venting, that's okay. But don't complain to me about what he does or does not do; tell HIM! And if you're that unhappy, seek counseling, or as a last resort, file for a separation/divorce. I don't care to hear it day after day, and I try to keep my own desparaging remarks about mine to a minimum.

On to better news: I received word that Eternal Press was seeking submissions, so I went ahead and submitted my 40K story, Wild at Heart to them! Whoo hoo! Let's hope I hear favorably???

I'll admit; this story could use a little work. I've been putting it off, because I really need to talk to someone in the banking industry to make sure my facts are clear. But maybe the details are vague enough to satisfy the editors? And I'm flexible; I know changes are needed, and I'll gladly do some minor rewriting.

And now I want to reread it myself. I've not looked at this story since last fall, and personally, I think it's damn good! Not to mention, I endorsed my dad's favorite state, restaurant, and vacation place, so if it's a hit, I'll have a great excuse to go back and do some promotion?

Wish me luck!

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