Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Not dreaming about my characters...having trouble writing.

I type a few words and lose interest.



Lack of confidence?

I realized suddenly the other day my word count is at 13 K, and the maximum word count for the submission is 15 K. And my characters have only had sex once, and are back to the getting-to-know-you-let's-see-where-this-takes-us stage.

I need to speed it up. I need to talk to my best male friend, but he's not available for input.

So I guess I'll just have to do what I did during NaNo and rely on my imagination, which is showing signs of disappearing as the stress of having an irate hubby and rising gas prices shut down my creative process.

Which sucks.


Please....let our rebate check come in the mail, so my van can be fixed.

Please...let him return to work so we can pay all of our bills, instead of having to pick and choose.

Please...let me have more recipes for pork loin, hamburger, and chicken, or let us have the income to buy stew meat and beef roasts again. I have a craving for beef stroganoff. And not made with hamburger.

Please...let nothing interfere with my 'book tour' this summer? And let my royalties be a steady source of income for me between now and my next contract??

Please...let the gas prices come down a dollar or two, so my hubby's mood will improve?

Do you think I'm asking for too much?

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