Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake and Edits

Sounds like a strange combination, right?

I finished the edits on chapter 3 last night. Discovered I am overly wordy in some spots, and less in others! Lisa also graciously pointed out where rearranging the wording makes the sentance flow a little better! Thanks, Lisa:) And she also pointed out that when two people are talking on the telephone, the other person cannot be seen. Sorry; I was picturing a split-screen! Too much TV, I guess!

And then this morning, we were rudely awakened by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake. Rare in my neck of the woods! This was my 2nd one; I stayed in bed, wondering, 'What the hell....?" If I'd been in California, I guess the knee-jerk reaction would have been to dive into the doorway. Me, I lay in bed waiting for the house to fall on top of me! Bad Kenzie...

But no damage. And we apparently had an aftershock while I was downstairs and missed it. Maybe I'll feel the next one.

Haven't written anything all week, and I'm hoping to rectify that oversight. Monday...what did I do? Can't remember. Tuesday, I chatted on the Novel Sisterhood and outed myself. Got great preliminary reviews on both of my blurbs...can the writing hold up as well? Stay tuned...Wednesday, I received word that my Wild at Heart manuscript had arrived on an editor's desk, and when it has been reviewed, she'll let me know yea or nay. And Lisa is loving my Head of the Class. I'm getting ready to send her chapter 4. God, there's a lot of sex in the first couple of chapters! But that's what the public wants, apparently! Hope the general story is received well, along with my steamy sex scenes!

I'm living vicariously through my blogmates this week. Kelly, Anny, Brynn, and Bron, not to mention other authors whose books I've read, are all in Pittsburgh this week. I found out next year the Romantic Times Convention will be held in Orlando. Hopefully, I'll be a published e-author next year, and can afford to go? (But will hubby let me is the question!!)


barbara huffert said...

If hubby will let you? Start saving your pennies now so you have plenty be the time the convention rolls around next year and he won't be able to have an opinion. You take care of your household on your own over 3/4 of the year. The least he could do is deal with it for a few days. Besides, I need a roommate or I won't be able to go. So you're not going for're going because I need you!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Good point Barb:)