Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Routine...

Word Count: 1456. Success! They're in bed! And by page 3:)

I hope I don't jinx myself; I've had two fabulous days of reworking my WIP, and all is going well! I typed two pages yesterday, and another two today. While this doesn't sound like very much, it is working with the household routing, and no one is complaining that Mom is monopolizing the computer.

After getting the kids off to school, I have my 'me' time...I shower, dress, do my QT, make the bed, and do a quick pick-up of the house. Next, I fire up the computer and read the blogs. Afterwards, I log off and pull up my wip. I work steadily until noon, when it is time to pick up the toddler. Then it's lunch time, and any errands we have to run. By 2, I'm usually back on the web, posting my blog and seeing if I can inspire a comment or two. Yesterday, I think my alter ego shocked the hell out of some people. Maybe I should have posted some of my questions here; maybe I'll repeat them later. Who knows? Anyway, after I get finished here, I'll make the rounds again and comment. Then it will be time to make way for the teenagers so they can do homework or IM long-distance friends. Dinner. And then TV time. I might be able to get on again after my show is over, but before bedtime. Again, who knows? And if I can squeeze it in, I might even post a comment or two on one of my chat loops. It all depends on if I have something to contribute.

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Anny Cook said...

Well, it sounds like a busy day to me! Keep on rolling!