Sunday, April 20, 2008


Updated Word Count: 8,021 in the past week. Doing 28, ready to start ch 6:)

I can't keep my fingers silent. I read on another blog that she prefers the term 'fucking' over 'making love'.

I disagree. And this is my blog, so I get to state my opinion.

'Fucking' refers to selfish sex. The two partners are only doing 'it' for their own selfish pleasure. And I'll agree with her on this point: You CAN be in love and still 'fuck'.

'Having sex' is a step above 'fucking'. The two partners are somewhat selfish, but they may not necessarily care about their own pleasure. It may be that one partner is only seeking to pleasure the other, and not expecting anything in return.

'Making Love' is unselfish. Each partner cares deeply about the other, or at least shows how much they care, by taking time to put the others' needs above their own. This is a deep, rich experience, and usually draws each partner closer together.

Go ahead; disagree with me.


jackie said...

I believe you have it right. The term "fucking" brings to mind the One night stand encouraged by alcohol.

Making Love is supposed to be just that, A sharing,experience between two people. It should be an embracing of one another, instilling the warmth and depth of one another caring for each ohter

Kenzie Michaels said...

Amen, Jackie:)