Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moving Right Along...

Got the final edits back on my 1st chapter:) Not too much to redo, so I sent off the second chapter! I really want this story to be on its way by May!

Found a terrific new blog,! Right now, the topic is Wonder Woman; do you adore her as a heroine, or does she send a mixed message?

I loved Wonder Woman, but I have to in the hell did she manage to do all that without her boobs popping out all over the place? Hell, I can't even dive off the diving board without losing my bikini top (when I wore one, that is!)!

Remember the Superfriends Hour? I was always partial to Aquaman and the Wonder Twins. Aquaman, because at the time I was 'in love' with whales and dolphins, and even thought about working with them. Until I learned I had to actually put my head under the sea water. Ugh. End of that ambition!

But Zan and Jana? Zan could turn into any form of water (I think!), while Jana could morph into any animal. Now that was cool! Remember the Wizard Duel in The Sword and the Stone? It's always been my favorite scene in that movie!

I've been doing quite a bit of marketing for my alter ego, who has the first of four signings this Saturday. I hope and pray it goes well, and that I meet many new readers in the coming weeks. I don't want to sell out of my inventory too quickly, as the shipping costs will eat up my gas money, so I guess my goal would be to at least come out ahead on the gas charges! If I can sell 10 books at each venue, or even just five, that would be fantastic!

Weather is steadily warming up, and the fact that my children are on Spring Break and at Grandma's for the week has left me plenty of time to do what I want, without interruptions of 'Mommy Duty'.

How is everyone else handling Spring Break? Are you spending time with your family, or are you like me and ship your kids off to Grandma's so that everyone gets a break from each other?

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