Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Enough Already!

I can hardly wait for these damn primary elections to be over, and a Democratic Candidate to be named! I am so sick of hearing whether or not Barak Obama is 'black enough', or why he should be questioned on his race issues. Get over it! He's intelligent; he's sure of himself; and has little or no skeletens in his closet!

Hillary on the other hand....not going there.

I think that this country is so not used to having any public person having any dirt to dig up, the media needs to invent some. Yes, there are extremists out there. Yes, there are the stereotypical characters out there. Just because Obama doesn't fit the stereotypical African American...come ON!

Remember Sanford and Son? Several other 70'a shows, such as the one with Jimmy Walker and even certain aspects of the Jeffersons? (Forgive brain suddenly blanked on my two favorite sitcoms!) THAT was stereotypical. But I grew up loving The Cosby Show, and the CBS news had a very profound statement the other day...of people going, "Huh...Obama is black?" And is struck me, Russ Mitchell is black! Go ahead; make fun of me...but skin color is fading away. So what if we like a candidate based on what they stand for? So what if we watch a TV program because it happens to be funny? I'm white; I'm not a racist; I have friends of nearly all color.

I'll admit; the closest I ever came to dating outside my race was when I happened to become friendly with three of my fellow college basketball players. They were respectful; they were friendly; one even helped me slam-dunk a basketball ('white girls can't jump', ha ha!); and we even talked about getting a pizza together. But it never happened. And I even taught one of the cooks where I worked to jitterbug, in a public bar. It never even crossed my mind I might be labelled. But I didn't care...I wanted a dance partner and he was available. I look at what's on the inside...the heart, the personality, rather than the skin color.

Others need to do the same.


Kelly Kirch said...

I don't discuss politics but wanted to say "Hi" and let you know I stopped in for a read. :)

Kenzie Michaels said...

Hi Kelly:) Normally I stay away from politics too, but just had to say SOMETHING!