Thursday, March 13, 2008


The proverbial gauntlet is about to be thrown down. And it's not going to be pretty when it is.


These blankety-blank gas prices!

How in the hell can an author go on tour and do the rest of her job if gas prices continue to rise?
And especially when her SO is close to forbidding her to drive?

I was informed this morning that IF the gas prices reach $4 a gallon or higher, I will have to cancel my signings farther than an hour away.

Eeeeexuse me?

Let me get this straight: You support my desire to be published. Check.

You swell with pride when readers gush a bout my work. Check.

You even patiently (at times) watch me monopolize the computer
when I'm 'in the zone'. Check.

But...if part of my job is to travel, in order to get the word out about
my books and to boost sales, but you won't allow me the gas money
to get do you expect me to sell any?

Oh wait a minute...Does this fall under the 'Get a Real Job' category? Got news for you: It won't ever be a 'REAL JOB' until you leave me alone and let me do it!

Maybe I'm wired differently, but since becoming an adult, I've discovered if I'm told not to do something, and their arguments make no sense to me, my brain comes up with several alternatives so that I can do whatever it is, be it visiting a friend I've not seen for several years, or even something as simple as taking supplies to a sick relative. Or going on a road trip to promote my work. And especially now that I'm not afraid to call people and ask to set up a signing. I've made the commitment; I'm gonna do it. End of conversation.

Okay...maybe I've already picked it up and slapped him across the face with it?

Nah...he doesn't read this. But when he does try to tell me I can't out! He'll have to remove the engine or hide the car keys to keep me from it.

New authors cannot afford to back out of personal appearences commitments.

And I intend to honor mine.


Kelly Kirch said...

Whew! Had me worried for a minute there.

barbara huffert said...

Don't you dare cancel your signings. I'll pass the hat for you if I need to.