Thursday, November 2, 2017

Apologies.....#MFRW Authors #44

Forgive me; I had an entire post prepared, but before I could write it, LIFE interfered, and here it is, twelve-thirty Thursday night/early Friday morning and I cannot remember one word of what I was going to write!

Who inspires me?  My mom, other authors.....look to the blog roll to the right.  These ladies encouraged me on this journey ten years ago, and I'm forever grateful to them.

I also admire my daughter.  For someone who never played with dolls, she's turned out to be a darn good mother to my granddaughter!

Now, what the heck blew up this week?  
-A week ago, a woman pulled out in front of my spouse as he was taking the kids to school.  No one was seriously injured, but our truck is now missing the front end.  The insurance adjuster FINALLY has arranged for a rental car for us that we'll be picking up around 9 am.

-Kids.  My teen had a meltdown and managed to get himself suspended from school Tuesday and Wednesday.  He became my House Elf, and complained bitterly, but maybe now he'll remember that getting suspended is no laughing matter around here?  Plus, taking care of a house is Hard Work when all you want to do is play videos and sleep til noon....oh yes, he was grounded from the PS3 and all electronics.

-Granddaughter:  Had an accident twice this week in kindergarten, and the 2nd time, her mommy forgot to send fresh clothes to school.  Did I mention we got this news as soon as her mommy left for work and my oldest left for his afternoon college course?  Poor child had to hang out in the nurse's office for an hour until College Kid returned and we could go rescue her.  Since we now live over a mile away from the school instead of 5 blocks, walking was NOT an option, esp in the rainy weather today!

So apologies; Kenzie's a little stressed out and grumpy today.  

To see who the other authors on this blog hop admire, go here.  Don't forget to come back next week; I'm sure to be in a better mood!


Ed Hoornaert said...

For someone who didn't have time, you did pretty darned well.

Alina K. Field said...

What Ed said! Hang in there, Kenzie!

Helen Henderson said...

You survived this week, hope next one is better. For not remembering the post you came up with a good one. Hang in there.

Meka James said...

Sorry about the rough week! I say you pulled it together nicely considering it all.

Sherry Lewis said...

Sorry you had such a rough week last week. I hope this week is going better! said...

You sure did have a rough week. You did a great job regardless of so many things coming at you. I'm glad no one was seriously injured in the accident. Hope all has smoothed out.

Robin Michaela said...

Sorry it was a rough week, but I'm glad everyone is (relatively) okay!