Thursday, November 30, 2017

Home Improvement Plans.....#MFRW Authors #48

Technically, this week's topic is Five Things on my Bucket List.
Didn't we cover this in Week #17?

To briefly recap it, click the link above.

Yes, TRAVEL is at the top of my bucket list.  But at the top of my Christmas List?

You guessed it....a new laptop.  I already have a new desk top tower, so as soon as MS Word is installed, I will have a fully functional computer.

I mentioned the houses that came with the one we live in, didn't I?  Item #2 would be to Get Our Green House Emptied and Torn Down.

The only things left inside is some windows, a refrigerator, dishwasher, washer (all non-working), some shelving, a filing cabinet, and a patio table.  Then this house can be torn down.  This is an older picture I found, and you can't see the holes in the roof or the fact the back has completely collapsed.

Item #3:  Our Brown House Used For Storage:

This house will actually stay standing for a while.  We plan to eventually move the contents of our storage unit into it, as soon as we finish getting rid of some exercise equipment, several doors, several rolls of carpet, and the spouse plans to use the flooring found on the upper level for the garage roof.  We can't restore this house; there's evidence it had once caught fire and the previous owner tried to reuse the existing (burnt) ceiling joices.  A no-no.

#4:  Little Things For The Living Space:
My closet is tiny.  I need a shelf above my bed, to hold my clock and hearing aid container.  I want to replace my existing bedside table with a three-drawer tote, so I can store more of my clothing inside.  Currently, they're in a box at the foot of my bed.   Yeah, been here an entire year now, and my clothes are still in a box.

#5:  Outlets In The Basement....And In The Dining Room!
Dining Room:  So we can utilize the other wall.  Currently, there are only two outlets in this room.  One by the kitchen and one by the hallway.  One more outlet would take the pressure off the power strip to my immediate left.

Basement:  I could set up my stereo....move my computer essence, move my writing space downstairs!  Not to mention relocating the chest freezer down there, freeing up more space in the garage!

To see what others have to say, go here.

NaNo Update: Made it over the 10K mark at 10033:)

Then I get to start baking cookies!  Whoo hoo!


Helen Henderson said...

Love item number 5. Our older house was list that. We remodeled it once room at a time and while the walls were down added outlets and outlets and outlets.

Unknown said...

I really hope you can accomplish all the items on your list!!

Alina K. Field said...

Home Improvement doesn't fall into the "fun" category but it sure does make life more pleasant. Best of luck getting these things done.

Unknown said...

Now I'm feeling guilty about my walk-in closet... Good luck, I hope you get tons of outlets and a holiday elf to hang up a shelf or two for you!

Meka James said...

Lots of home improvement things. Good luck knocking them all off your list. Yay for almost having a fully functional computer again. Hope Santa brings you the new laptop on your list.

Ed Hoornaert said...

Your bucket list is so very practical -- but that's totally understandable if your living space is in turmoil.

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel said...

I hope Santa brings your laptop and everything on your list to free up your time so you can get back to the travel list. Good luck with your home improvement jobs.

Shari Elder said...

I hope Santa brings you your laptop, and your home improvements go smoothly. Have a lovely holiday season.

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