Thursday, November 23, 2017

"Technical Difficulties...Please Stand By..." #MFRW Authors #47

Back in 2011, this was my 'prime' writing space, our local bookstore, along with my shiny new laptop:)

However, two weeks ago, it died.  This is all that's left of it.

Have you figured out by now that electronics just don't like me?

Yesterday, a friend of mine brought over this shiny new tower!  My desk top, purchased in 2008 (Vista operating system) was outdated, and throwing fits.  That tower was replaced with a MS 7 OS, and e-machine, so I can at least do my online job, write, and not have to wait ten minutes for pages to load.

I've also written at the kitchen table (at our old house).

With all these techno-challenges, I've been forced to use Google Docs, or even more recently, resort to that tried-and-true method, the notebook and pen.  Then comes the challenge of deciphering my own handwriting.  Never very good, since the invention learning to type availability of home computers, my handwriting has gotten worse  (my 3rd grade teacher has probably already been rolling in her grave for the past twenty years!).

My dream office downstairs still needs outlets, shelving, and other items before I can move my desk downstairs.  Hopefully next year???  Stay tuned!

In the meantime,

                       Happy Thanksgiving!

To see what other authors' writing spaces look like, go here.  And don't forget to shop local on Small Business Saturday!  Stay safe if you venture out tomorrow for Black Friday.


Shari Elder said...

Managing technology is definitely part of the writer's world, which seems to get more complicated rather than easier. I often revert to pen and paper sometimes. I enjoy the motion of writing, having the hand glide across the page. Even if I can't read it later. :)

Meka James said...

I say your laptop loved you for a while if you had it since 2011. These days they seem to barely last 2 years before stuff starts breaking. Glad you have a backup option for now!

Good luck on getting your writing office set up. Fingers crossed it happens soon.

Anonymous said...

Fewer things make me hyperventilate so quickly as does the thought of my computer dying. Ug. I hope your downstairs office works out the way you envision.

Unknown said...

Ugh. Computer problems / computer death. It's the worst! Thank goodness for friends! Glad you're at least up and limping, if not running :)

Alina K. Field said...

Worse than losing a computer--I had a thumb drive with all my stuff on it fail earlier this year. Fortunately I had almost everything backed up and was able to recover it. Yipes, that was scary!

Unknown said...

Electronics and I circle each other warily. We mutually respect each other and try out best not to cause each other upset. I can not imagine losing my laptop. Although I love stick notes and use them for quick notes, I use Microsoft's OneNote to save dialogue snippets, character ideas, research info on locations and novel ideas. Great post, BTW.

RaineB said...

Thanks for sharing! I ended up buying a 'docking station' (for lack of the real word for it) that houses my 3 old hard drives. I just plug it into my new PC and all my old files are at my convenience. :D

Unknown said...

I'd say you did well to get 6 years out of your laptop. I back up everything on a thumb drive, but now I'm scared after reading Alina's post... Good luck with your technical difficulties!