Tuesday, November 7, 2017

So Many To Choose From! #MFRW Authors #45

How do you pick one date that stands out?  I have six, yes SIX that I absolutely can not pick 'just one'.  I'll keep it brief, though!

April 20, 1991:  The day I found out I was expecting my 1st child.

Dec 8, 1991:  The day Child #1 was born, at 3:41am.  I'd gone into active labor around 7 pm on the 7th.  Start-finish:  8.5 hours.

July 3, 1994:  The day Child #2 was born, after a quick 3 hour trip to the hospital.  We weren't due for three more weeks, but my 'firecracker' decided to arrive early, while we were out of town.  We debated going to the local hospital or trying to make the trip back to Indianapolis, and opted for the latter.  Long story short, an hour after we arrived, Miss Sara made her entrance.  Start-finish:  4 hours.

Feb 29-March 1, 2004:  Child #3 (and final!) arrives.  I was happily watching the Academy Awards when I made a trip to the bathroom at 10 pm and my water broke.  Since this had never happened at home before, plus it had been ten years, I totally panicked.  I did NOT want this child to be a Leap Year Baby, and was praying we'd get to the hospital in time (do you see the pattern I thought we were establishing?), plus I was pissed about missing the rest of the awards.  So when we arrived at the hospital, I demanded my spouse turn on the TV so I find out if Lord of the Rings won Best Picture.  I don't remember anything more until the awards were over, other than telling the nurse the child could NOT be born until after midnight, lol!  I was thrilled to learn I was only dilated at 5, and could get the elusive epidural, which I wasn't able to get with the other two.  Finally, at 3:29 am my 'caboose' was born.  Start-finish:  5.5 hours.  NOT the 2 hours I predicted!

Nov 15, 2008:  The day my first e-book was accepted, with the condition I expand the story.  I was thrilled!

Jan 29, 2009:  The day my 1st contract arrived from Freya's Bower for All She Ever Wanted.

Okay; I'm throwing in a 7th:  May 19, 2009:  The day ASEW went live on amazon:)  My writer's group threw me a release party, complete with cake, and the family took me out to dinner:)

What about you?  What date immediately comes to mind when asked about your 'most memorable'?
For others, go here.

Apologies again; I'm currently up in Indianapolis at the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show.  My laptop died earlier this week, so I've posted this earlier than usual with the help of my son's computer.  I'll check in with everyone on Monday.



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Unknown said...

Picking just one day was hard! I enjoyed your list.

Alina K. Field said...

Wow! I've never heard a leap-baby story before. I'm so glad you were able to keep your legs crossed until after midnight, LOL!

Ed Hoornaert said...

You have a week's worth of great days. That's a good thing!

RaineB said...

Great shorts filled with wonderful things. Thanks for sharing!

Helen Henderson said...

enjoyed the list. interesting that you chose a week's worth. thanks for sharing.

Meka James said...

My 3rd child I kinda wanted to be a leap year baby. Strange I know, but m doc wouldn't induce early. He was due on March 6th and so I was stuck hoping he'd arrive early on his own, which he didn't. :(

Unknown said...

All great things! Just curious - how does your non-Leap-Year child feel about it? Would they rather have been born on Leap Day?