Friday, January 27, 2017

"She Smirked As the Very handsome man approached and Just missed getting his feet wet...." #MFRWauthor

Dear Kenzie,
Enclosed are your 1st round edits.  Please be advised you've overused the following words again, and I strongly urge you to use a thesaurus....

Okay.  Maybe I exaggerate a bit, but when I submitted my first few books, I learned I frequently 'fall in love' with certain words.

The first thing I learned was to eliminate 'just' and 'very' from my vocabulary.  Then I had to find a substitute for 'as', 'when', and 'then'.

The last MS had the word 'so' too often.

Another thing I had to change was every time my heroine spoke, she always responded 'Great!',  I had to expand her vocabulary too, lol!

'Smirk' is a word I use sparingly, since the advent of a Certain Book, where it was on nearly every damn line.  I swore if I ever saw it in another book, I would hurl whatever I was reading across the room.

Guess what book it showed up in next? next round edits!

No way was I hurling my computer across the room, but the dictionary made a good substitute!

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Robin Michaela said...

I'm really big on using "really". And "just" and "even" (among sooo many others...).