Monday, January 23, 2017


Apologies; I thought I'd preposted this. Apparently it was languishing in 'draft' format all weekend!

I can trace my binge-watching habits back to 2007, when I discovered reruns of the show ER on TNT.  They played two episodes back-to-back, and since we didn’t have a DVR back then, I had two blank VHS cassettes that I switched out every other day, since the show ran from 10am-noon, right in the middle of my busy schedule.  To make matters worse, since I was recording that show, whomever was in the living room was stuck watching it, since you couldn’t change the channel.  This infuriated my spouse when he was laid off for the winter!

Once ER was over (and we got a 2nd TV!), I moved onto Beverly Hills 90210, then Happy Days, The Waltons, Charmed, and Law and Order.  

My kids made the mistake of introducing me to NetFlix in 2013, and I discovered Star Trek DS9, so I would hole up in the bedroom for 2-3 hours at a time.  I then found Frazier, Coach (NF took it off before I could finish the hiss!), and Once Upon A Time.  But then what?

My kids were die hard Game of Thrones watchers, and my son owned seasons 1-5.  My daughter and I decided to begin watching one boring Saturday, and I was hooked.  Thankfully, Season 6 was available at Christmas, so while I was still on Season 3, my son watched SE6.  He passed it onto his sister, and after I finished SE5, it was my turn.  I finally finished it this past week, and am now looking forward to next summer, when we can all resume the series.

Over Christmas break, PBS ran Downtown Abbey from start to finish, and I caught most of season 2.  So once I’m able to get my hands on the DVDs, I’ll be found in front of my computer, happily buried in the lives of 1920s England!

Or, I might unwrap those DVDs of Laverne and Shirley….What’s Happening….Bob Newhart....did I mention I miss my 70s sitcoms?  I also still need seasons 3-5 of Mary Tyler Moore.  Then move on to Hill Street Blues….

Wait….Kenzie, you DO plan to WRITE this year????

Never fear; I know how to budget my time, and limit my DVD viewing, no matter how tempting it is to pop in the next disc!

Especially when the dogs need out...the cat needs fed….or the family interrupts!

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