Monday, January 9, 2017

"Raindrops On Roses...."

If you're not familiar with the song, today's topic is 'A Few Of My Favorite Things'.

First and foremost is my computer.  I don't have a handy picture of my laptop, so this one will have to suffice!  I also love my Kindle Fire, since I can tuck it in my purse and access Facebook, play Solitaire, or read:)  LOVE having access to over 100 books with the press of a button, and they can go with me everywhere!  If an EM pulse ever hit, and wiped out my electronics, I'll be the one sobbing in a corner....

What's this?  No, it's not my favorite book; it's the fact I love a story which practically writes itself, which is what Class Reunion did, once I got started.  The words flowed, day and night; I often dreamed about my characters, and would wake up every morning, eager to fire up the computer.  I think the last one that did that was Kira, #4 in The Chosen series, which should be published this year.  I just sent it off to the editor, btw....;)

Meeting fellow authors and networking:  This is me with Desiree Holt, at RT Chicago, 2012.  Nothing like a fangirl moment when your idol exclaims, "Kenzie!  I'm so happy to finally meet you!"  I love being around creative people and 'talking shop'.  Ideas being exchanged, the comradarie of being around people who understand what you mean when the voices in your head won't shut up....and no, that's not meant in a padded-cell kind of way!

Hanging with friends:  This was taken at a mini-HS reunion (where my hair actually looked GOOD, lol!)  This includes karaoke, though I can't seem to scratch up a picture of me singing.

Being around a BFF:  There's a saying that true friends can pick up where they left off, even if they've not seen each other in years.  That's BC and I; we now only see each other every 5 years, but from the way we talk to each other, you'd swear we just had lunch the day before!

Colorado (or vacations in general!):  The fact I was last there with my entire family (with the exception of my BIL) was just an added bonus.  We were there for a week and explored, ate dinner together every night, and shared happy memories.

Music:  Ever since I got my 1st record player at age 4, I've loved music.  Dad built my 'big' record player (so I could play both LPs and 45s!) when I was nine or ten....I got my 1st portable radio at age walkman at 1st compact stereo with radio, 8-track, record player, and cassette player at 1st CD player at 28.  Now I'm a fan of YouTube and Pandora.  I listen to just about everything except rap or Gregorian Chant.  For instance, I had my Pandora set to Classic Rock in Nov, then switched to Trans-Siberian Orchestra for Christmas.....the other day, I had it set on Luke Bryan.  Since I live in a house where country is the genre of choice, I've gotten used to it.  But when I'm alone in the truck, I'll switch it to either Classic Rock, Classic Rewind, or even the 70's, 80s, or 90's station.  Love having satellite radio!

So tell me.....what are a few of YOUR favorite things?

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