Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Remember this book?  It was the first book in which a 'back door' sex scene took place.  A few people loved it, including a 5 star review on Amazon:

Michaels interweaves the lives of Angela, Brad and Emma without giving a second thought. Angela is still in love with Steve and hasn't been able to tell Brad about her and Steve's past. The reconnection between Angela and Steve is realistic, heartfelt and genuine while Emma and Brad's developing love interest is paced perfectly for this short novella.

A reader also chimed in:
"OMG...Wild At Heart....just read it....Loved it!!!  Kenzie, you rock....felt like I was there, absorbing every word, I stayed up til 3am to finish,I think the only thing which would have been great is if Ethan could have gotten with Lori after rehab, lol!"

Anyway, this was released Nov 2010.  After 2 years and never getting paid for sales, other than what I hand-sold, I respectfully sent this publisher a 'can I have my book back?' letter, stating clips from my contract about low sales and the fact I'd not even promoted it for over a year.  She gracefully granted my request, and informed me I'd made about $26 in royalties, which they were retaining for 'services rendered'.  I can live with that!  I was told to wait 90 days, in order for the book to be removed from all websites.

Guess what?  My 90 days ARE UP!  I sent the original Wild At Heart file to Secret Cravings, and the book is due to be released at the end of this month:)  I was sad to give up my beautiful cover, but Dawne created an equally amazing one:

What do you think?  May 31st is my release date, and I know, with better editing and with a publisher who adores this story, I'll make that $26 back and more.  Want a sneak peek?

Angela Clayborn discovers the man she sent to prison nearly two years before, has been granted an early release.  Torn between wanting to see him and fearful if she does, sparks fly when Steve Blumenthal appears in her gift shop and later at her condo.  Will Angie free her heart from its icy prison?  Has Steve really turned his life around, or is it a hoax?
Meanwhile, in Colorado on business, Angie’s current boyfriend, Brad Morrison, is wrestling with his own call of the wild.  He’s met unconventional, sexy Emma Nichols, who runs not only her own riding stable, but helps out with her family’s woodworking store in EstesPark.  Emma resents Brad’s offer to help during a family crisis, but eventually discovers that Fate sometimes sends people down unexpected paths to love.  Can Brad tame a wildcat?  Or will Emma settle for the safe path?
(Steve and Angie)

He confidently rang the doorbell and enjoyed the second shocked look on Angie’s face in as many days.
He immediately handed her the rose.
She sucked in her breath.  “You remembered,” she stood aside so he could enter.
“You bet darlin’” He made his way into the kitchen.  “I always said I would bring you a rose and a chocolate malt when you opened your store.  And I brought you something else.”  He handed her the sack.  “I figured you’d be ready for another one of these by now.”
“Oh Steve….” Angie put her hand over her mouth.  “I can’t believe it….Thank you.”  She pecked his cheek and took the malt and the art materials from him.  “I’ve not had a malt in a long time,” she took a sip and smiled.  She turned and set the rose on the table.
“I’ve got another surprise.  I’ve taken the job at the country club, starting Monday.  I’ll be working double shifts for a while, but it should only last through Labor Day.  I should have enough saved by then, and I can cut back my hours to explore my options and see what else is out there.”  Steve stepped closer to her and reached for her hand.  “And for something else…come outside with me for a minute.”  He tugged at her, and pulling her outside to the car.  “Voila,” Steve threw out his arm and gestured dramatically.  “Behold my new ride.”
“You bought a car?” she gasped.  “Oh my!  I guess you are serious about turning your life around.”
“Hell yes, sweetheart.  Especially if it means that beautiful look in those green eyes.” Steve tugged her back to the foyer of her condo, away from public scrutiny and pulled her into his arms.  His kiss was brief and gentle, but it sent fresh shock waves of desire coursing through his body, and saw Angie’s blush as she pulled him inside the condo.
“Have you had lunch?  I made a pasta salad last night…”
“Angie, you’re the only meal I need right now.”  His lips descended on hers once more, and his fingers went to the buttons on her white shirt.  His lips traveled to her ear as he spread the blouse open and lovingly cupped her breasts.  “If you’d rather we used your bed, Ange…lead me upstairs, honey, or else I’m going to love you on the floor.”  


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on the pending re-release and I love the new cover!

Tabitha Shay said...

Glad u got ur book back with so little trouble. It usually isn't that easy...Good luck this time round....

Katalina Leon said...

Congratulations Kenzie!

Maria said...

Congrats on getting your rights back - love the new cover!

Tessie Bradford said...

Congrats on your upcoming release! Your new cover is gorgeous!

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats! I do love SCP. They made the cover even better! :)

Cara Marsi said...

Great cover! Congratulations!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks everyone! I'm so excited, I can hardly stand still:)