Monday, May 20, 2013

We Have A Winner! Or Two.....

Yes, you read that correctly:)  My overall winner is....


And since I'm in a generous mood, I decided to award another:


I'll be sending your prizes soon, so watch your inbox!

Why Am I In Such A Good Mood?

I love it when you ask me that!  First of all,  I received this in my email:

Marci, my Freya's Bower publisher, took out a half-page ad in the July issue of BTS e-zine:)  Isn't it pretty?

Secondly, I received my Off The Clock ARC, and found a tiny issue.  Then while reading it, the thought occurred to me that Shadow the Labrador only shows up once in the entire book, and she's at home three more times.  So wouldn't she greet her pet?  Spent yesterday writing him in.  Plus found a minor POV issue...and Marci got sucked into the story again and found another minor issue, which was easily fixed.  So 3 ARC's later, I think it's been spit-shined, polished, and wrapped in plastic:)

Last, I received a phone call from my BFF about her daughter's graduation party.  We were able to rent a car, and daughter and granddaughter accompanied me.

Here we are, from L-R:
Sara, Alexandria, Faunia, me, Shia (pronounced Shy-ah), and Erica:)  We took four pictures, trying to get one where Shia's eyes are open, but to no avail.  Maybe when it's your graduation in four years, Shia!

Plus, Trace Adkins is the new All-Star Celebrity Apprentice!!  We bought both flavors of ice cream, and while D and myself love Trace's Maple Macadamia Mash Up, Youngling prefers Penn's Magic Swirtle.  I had to force myself to stop eating the Maple Macadamia last night, or I'd eat the entire pint.  And the macadamian nuts went into the trash.  Not a fan of nuts in my ice cream.

Glad everyone had a good time this weekend!  I'll be back next week with an awesome contest for both book releases!

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Shadow said...

Guess what i just got? Thank you so much!! I cant wait to start it! Thank you so much!! And dont be sorry. I understand. :) Thank you again, so much!!! Have a fantastic weekend!! <3