Friday, April 12, 2013

What A Week!

I'm in shock.  Why?  The reviews have been wonderful!
On Wednesday, Jersy Girl Book Reviews had this to say:  "Class Reunion is a sassy short story about two former classmates who rediscover each other after twenty-five years. Author Kenzie Michaels weaves a fast paced fun tale set in Anderson, Indiana and Boise, Idaho, written in the third person narrative that follows the reunion and relationship development of Natalie and Brian....With a fun cast of characters, quirky dialogue and interactions, and a quick storyline that leaves you wanting more; Class Reunion is a thoroughly enjoyable short and sexy read!"  4 Stars.

Yesterday, Librarian Judith said this:  "This short story is the perfect size for a lunchtime read if you are looking for one....Ms. Michaels does a good job, however, in developing the two main characters--you see where they are coming from (especially Brian) and root for them to come together. I will definitely be on the lookout for more stories by Ms. Michaels."  

And today, I was nearly brought to tears by Harlie's Books:   "It’s a sweet, sexy story of going back home and finding your true love that has been sitting under your nose the whole time. "  AND it's a Recommended Read:)

Why am I so surprised?  I mean, I wrote it.  Don't I know what a fabulous book I've written?

When you go for months without anyone patting you on the back or even emailing you with a 'Yuck, I hated this' or a 'Good job!  Can't wait to read the next one!', self doubt creeps in and you cross your fingers as you hit 'submit' or even on Release Day that people will buy your work, or even rank you on GoodReads or Amazon.  Or blog about it.  Or even review it.  Until then, I have no way of knowing what's in readers heads as they read/finish any of my books.  Am I doing all right?  Am I now on your 'auto-buy' list?  Or do you wish you'd spent your hard earned pennies on someone else's book?

At midnight tonight, I'll award one person of the three people who ventured over to any of these sites a free book.  And someone else will get the $10 Freya's Bower GC.  Guess what?  That $10 will buy ALL 3 Books.  Or,at least the entire Anderson Chronicles trilogy when Off The Clock has been released.  Yeah, my books are inexpensive:)

So next week, I get to turn the brain back over to Molly so she can finish edits, or even write.  I may wear my tiara for a few more days, ha ha ha!

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