Monday, April 15, 2013

Coming Down Off My 'High'

What a week that was!  Yes, I know.  This is my 4th book; I shouldn't be surprised to learn people love my stories, should I?  Well yes, I am.  Why?

-I've promo'd heavily on my blog, Molly's, the loops, twitter, and FB.

-I've 'haunted' each site and responded to each comment.

-I even awarded extra books.

-I promo other authors.

-I even 'haunt' the loops, cheering on others.

-I'm participating in blog hops.

And yet, sales are down.  Am I not doing enough?  When I first joined the chat loops, I only belonged to three, and read each digest, even copy/pasting the excerpts which caught my attention so I'd have the links at my disposal once I could purchase the book.  But as my Web presence grew, I no longer had the time to read every post.  Now, I read the ones I'm most active on, and only if the subject matter catches my attention.  So I'm assuming others do this too.

Maybe I need to return to my 'Heat It Up Friday' posts?  Those used to garner a lot of attention.  But time is a precious commodity these days.

Off The Clock should be arriving soon, and my edits for the soon-to-be-rereleased book I can't talk about yet is due in May.  So maybe sales will pick up again?

I can only hope:)

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