Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reviews Trickling In.....

Day #2 of the tour and my 'baby' is doing well:)

Long And Short Reviews give it 3.5 Stars:
"Ms. Michaels does a good job in a short period of time letting the reader get to know Brian and Natalie...for a quick, sexy read about two people who finally find each other, Class Reunion might be a short story to pick up."

Musings From An Addicted Reader says this today:
"I am a sucker for reunion stories and this one did not disappoint.... I thought Brian was a bit jaded, but rightfully so and I think when he starts spending time with Natalie he sees something that makes him a bit nervous, he doesn't want to have feelings but can't seem to stop himself. Entertaining read."

I mentioned in the last post's comments I'll stop shaking on Friday.  Truth of the matter is, I stop shaking after I open each link in the morning.  Then the days goes verrrrry smoothly!

But still trying to avoid the swelled head.  I'm not sitting around in my tiara, eating chocolate all day and drinking champagne.  No, yours truly did all the laundry yesterday; sent two truckloads of 'stuff' to our storage unit (you can see the FLOOR in the basement again!); and cleaned up my kitchen.  The only 'diva' act I pulled was asserting my rights to watch last night's final game between Louisville and Michigan.  Even though the SU sulked like a two year old.

But I got to watch Louisville win, 82-76:)  And he won't have to fight me again until next March.  Or next Sunday, when I want to watch 60 Minutes, Amazing Race, and Good Wife:)  And DVR the Celebrity Apprentice.  It's the one night of the week I tie up both TV's.

Tomorrow, Jersey Girl Book Reviewer takes a shot at me.  Check back tomorrow!

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