Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding Ring Issues

Saw a news item this morning about wedding rings, of all things! We've all heard of the slimeball husbands who take theirs off in public, in order to cheat? Well now the women are doing it too.

But not to cheat, although there are those who will do this.

No, the justification behind this trend is to feel single and sexy, to have the freedom to flirt, and then go home to the spouse and 'celebrate' their joy with their mate.


I was floored when I heard the so-called expert say, "If you're out with a bunch of single friends, you don't want to feel like the old married lady of the bunch."

Got news for you: I never took my ring off when I went out with my single friends, and myself and the other 'old married lady' were the ones who received all the attention!

I'm serious! My bff and I, wearing regular clothing (jeans, light tops and minimal makeup), were asked to dance, bought drinks, and even asked if we were happily married. And they brought their friends over, and even one hook-up was made between one of the single gals and the single guy. We danced as a group, played pool, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had horrified our singe friends, who had dressed to the nines and had asked, "You're wearing that?"

I've even had a guy try to pick me up at the mall, at ten am, and when I flashed my ring at him, it didn't seem to bother him! I got away from him in a hurry.

I can't wear my ring now, because of the weight gain after my last pregnancy. And since hubby and I are at odds over nearly everything, it no longer bothers me. I know I'm married, and right now I'm not in a position to go out dancing anyway. But if I ever do, I'll still let it be known I have a spouse and children at home.

So what are your thoughts on the subject? Is this just another excuse to break the rules, or are there women out there who are too insecure to have a good time without male attention?

I wish I had put this in to practice when I was unmarried...I stopped looking for it and it found me! Think of the fun I could have had twenty years ago:)

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Ashley Ladd said...

I'm with you. I don't think that's right. At my day job, there were a group of twenty-something women that used to waiver back and forth. When it suited them, they said they were married and when it didn't, the husband suddenly became just a boyfriend. That's not right.