Friday, September 19, 2008

Timmy the Rat, Pt 2

He pondered on this. She had given him a clue when she gave him this.

She had told him, “May the force be with you”, whatever that meant. He noticed that the pendant had a jewel in it. He touched it and it began to glow. He took it out and stuck it in his mask which had a hole the size of the jewel. The hole had been meant for a three eyed rat but he was normal just had two and never thought about sewing it up. He put the jewel in the hole it fit perfectly. Then all of a sudden he felt like he had the strength of twenty rats.

Timmy flew over and got a really big stick. Then flew over to where everyone was stuck in the mud. Lowered it down and pulled them all out. He had done it. He, Timmy, had pulled the Wonder Pets and Herman out of the mud. They all thanked him. The wonder pets even offered him a job with Nickelodeon studios working as a Wonder Pet. He told them no thank you he was waiting for a job with the Sci-Fi channel doing movies as an experimental rat who could talk, fly, and have super strength. Maybe even go through a Stargate some day as a guest on Stargate Atlantis. That’s where he felt his calling. They all thanked him again. The Wonder Pets climbed into there vehicle and flew back to the class room. Herman thanked Timmy as well and hopped off. Timmy, however, didn’t go back to his moralities.

Timmy looked up and saw this huge dark thing in the sky. He started to fly towards it. The object grew and grew. It was now the size of the moon and growing. Timmy flew then he entered space and continue to fly towards it and it continued to grow he noticed that this object was dangerously close to a near by planet known to him as Flagellum. The object all of a sudden had this bright flash brighter than any Fairy light he knew of. Then Flagellum had disappeared…


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jackie said...

Hey Kenzie....where's timmy the pat, part 1