Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kiss Fan...Who Knew?

I ordered the Kiss Greatest Hits album for one simple reason: There were two songs I loved which came out in 1989 and 1990, and wanted to hear again.

Reason To Live and Forever.

When it arrived in the mail, I enthusiastically opened it and rocked out to both songs, including Tears are Falling and Heaven's on Fire, which I had totally forgotten about! And then I decided 'what the hell' and put in the first disk.

Yes, I had recognized 'Beth' and 'I was Made for Loving You', but I was not prepared to recognize more on that disk! Turns out I've been a Kiss fan before I even knew they were the ones singing on the radio!

Just like my Pink Floyd revelation in 1987; turns out I've been a hard rock fan LONG before I ever heard of Foreigner, Styx, and Def Leppard!

Sorry guys...I do remember wondering what you looked like under that makeup, and was thrilled when Kiss: Unmasked came out (wasn't allowed to get it, though!), but it wasn't until I saw the video of 'Reason to Live' and taped it from the hard rock station that I started acknowledging my closet rocker status!

Forgive me?

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