Monday, August 11, 2014

New Cover!

Have you missed me?  True, I've not been around much lately.  Blame my alter-ego.

I finished edits on Brock and Tricia's story, and decided to change the title (again...if you're keeping count, this makes title #3!)  I won't tease you any longer; here is a blurb and excerpt:)

Tricia Alexander's dreams are haunted by a mystery lover. When she discovers the man she met in a nightclub is from another planet, will she accept his story or kick him out?
Brock was young Tricia's imaginary friend and confidant, and watched her grow up over the years. After gaining permission from the leaders of his planet, he sought to bond with her twice before, but with little results. When he's given a final chance, will he succeed? Or will a family crisis prove too much?

“We’ve never formally met.”  His fingers stroked her hair.  “But I’ve known you for a long time.”
A stalker?  A devoted customer?  “But the restaurant’s only been open for two years.”
“Yes; I’m proud of your success.”
“Did we go to college or high school together?”  Thoroughly confused, Trish searched her memory.
“No.  Tricia, try to understand what I’m saying.  I met you when you were four years old.”
“Four years-We were living in the country and our nearest neighbor was a mile away.  I don’t remember any playmates until I started school. Were our mothers friends or something?”
“I didn’t meet you in that manner.”
“I’m waiting.”
Brock took a deep breath.  “You say you had no playmate.  But you had an imaginary friend.”
A shock chilled her blood.  “H-how did you know?”  Indignation took over.  “Lots of children do that; so what?”  But the memory assaulted her.  She’d spilled her secrets, her most private thoughts over the years, to an imagined best friend.  It had become a habit by the time she’d reached the third grade, and had often talked to her favorite doll or stuffed animal, until her hormones kicked in at puberty, and she’d discovered boys.  But even at night, sharing a dorm room at college, or even an apartment, she’d found herself silently talking to herself, expressing thoughts she couldn’t tell anyone else, or even write in a diary.
Brock tipped her face upward.  “You’re remembering.”
She felt the color drain from her face.  “Who are you?”
Brock cleared his throat.  “At four, you called me ‘Louis’.  At eight, it was ‘Shawn’.  At twelve, you decided you needed female companionship, so I became ‘Kathy’.  And as time went on, various other names of men you liked.”
“How-how can you know this?”  Tricia struggled to sit up and stay in control of her swirling emotions.  “God, you make me sound like a mental case.”  She wrapped the blankets around her and turned her back.
She heard him shift his weight.  “I’m not exactly from Earth.”
That did it.  Tricia got to her feet and pointed to the door.  “Out.”  She refused to admit the sight of his naked body still aroused her.  “Out, before I call security.”

Like what you're reading?  Heart's Last Chance will be releasing next month, so you can be sure I'll be having a contest soon!        


Melissa Keir said...

Congrats! I love the idea of someone watching over me all along! The cover is so pretty!

Cara Marsi said...

That's a beautiful cover! And I love the premise of the story.

Ellen Gragg said...

Looks like fun!