Friday, May 16, 2014

Ready For Sexy Aliens?

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Each day, I'll post a snippet or quip from any of the 'boyfriends' in any of my six books.  All you have to do is show up, comment, and enter the Rafflecopter givaway.  What do you win from me?  Probably a $5 GC from amazon.  Or your choice from my back list.  Just tell me which hero of the day you find the most fascinating, LOL!

Star-Crossed Lovers, my current WIP being shopped around, introduces you to Brock and his strange siblings, including two brothers, Logan and Nico.  Nico is currently in my head, explaining more of his planet's demographics, customs, culture, etc.

Brock has fallen in love with Tricia, and has patiently watched her over the years:

“When it was decided I could try to be with you, the elders of my planet gave me three chances.  Then, since the third being I chose didn’t live long enough, they gave me a fourth and final chance.”  Brock closed the distance between them and took her hands in his.  “Remember Richard?  You thought you were in love with him, so I took his form for a week.  But you were bored by Wednesday and broke up with him.  That time I learned you didn’t want your Ideal Mate.”
          “That’s right.  He was too accommodating; too easy going for me.”
          Brock pulled her back to sit on the edge of the bed.  “And then I took the form of a dashing man you were infatuated with-”
          “David.  He turned out to be hard to get along with.”
          “Yes, and I regret the hurt I caused you.”  Brock eased the blanket from her neck and touched her cheek, sliding his fingers around to caress under an ear.  “I was trying to follow your thought patterns, and I was getting frustrated, knowing if I blew it, I would never get to be with you.”
          “But the third time?”
          Brock’s laugh sounded bitter.   “This shows my desperation.  I took the form of a cat, so I could at least curl up in your lap and be close to you.”

About His Siblings:
“NiKoh is seven years older, and SaLie is two years younger than him.  NiKoh’s training is in military operations, and he supposedly excels in negotioation tactics.”  Brock shook his head.  “I know; he obviously forgot his training the minute his siblings were involved.  SaLie will be okay on Xaxon; her specialty is botany, and her knowledge should be utilized well, should JeWal ever let her out of his bedchamber.”  A look of disgust filled his face.  “You still find this humorous?”
          Tricia tried to hide a smile.  “Do you find the concept of a threesome so revolting?  Or is it just because it involves your sister?”
          “Please.”  Brock shot her a look.  “Can we agree to disagree on this subject?”
          “Then don’t question my sense of humor.”  Tricia finished her light snack and placed her hand over his.  “Maybe when we return to Earth and some time has passed, then you’ll be able to accept your sisters’ decisions.”

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, alien brothers! Brock appeals to me, because of his romantic longing from afar...


Juana said...

I like Brock he seems to do anything and everything for his chosen lady.

jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

Sherry said...

I love reading about sexy aliens and Brock sounds wonderful.
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Molly Daniels said...

Thank you ladies:) I'm hoping Brock and Tricia's story will soon be accepted and will release either later this year or early next. I'm also hard at work on NiKoh's story, so cheers:)