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Each day, I'll post a snippet or quip from any of the 'boyfriends' in any of my six books.  All you have to do is show up, comment, and enter the Rafflecopter givaway.  What do you win from me?  Probably a $5 GC from amazon.  Or your choice from my back list.  Just tell me which hero of the day you find the most fascinating, LOL!

Class Reunion was inspired by many stories I heard by classmates at my own 25th HS reunion.  All names and details were changed to protect the not-so-innocent, lol!  I will tell you this much:  Natalie and Brian do share a real birthday, and the name of a real life classmate was mentioned.  The people whom I based the main story on approved each chapter as written, so if there are any regrets, it's too late!

“Here’s the thing:
We’re both single, in our forties, and established in our jobs.
Just because we’re attracted to each other doesn’t mean
there has to be a romantic connection. We can agree this is a
one-time thing. I’m not looking for something long-term.”

“Christ, Natalie…what the hell have you done to

“What do you mean?” Her words were muffled against
his neck.

“I haven’t dragged a female behind a building since the
time I kissed Beth Lewis behind the bleachers in the seventh
grade.” He kissed her again and stepped back to rebutton her
shirt. He took a deep breath. “How much longer do we have
to be here, anyway?”

“I moved to Boise, because I couldn’t stand to be in the
same town as you and Tracy, seeing you so happy. It just tore
me up inside. I think I’ve loved you ever since that time you
caught me under the mistletoe, but kissed me on the cheek

“When did I do that? I don’t remember you being at any
frat parties. And why did I only kiss you on the cheek?” Brian
reached for the now empty popcorn bowl and propped it on
the back of the couch.

“You were celebrating the end of finals, and griping to
anyone who would listen about Tracy’s plan to honeymoon in
Hawaii. You hadn’t even popped the question yet, but she
was already planning the wedding. You’d had an argument,

“Got rip-roaring drunk. God! I do remember part of that
night. According to Brent, I knocked over his shelves before I
passed out in his room. I have a vague memory of someone
helping me up the stairs…”

“That was me. Brent had mistletoe above his door, and
when you tried to kiss me, I turned my head because your
breath stunk. You made a disparaging remark about women,
and then stumbled into the shelving unit. You looked up at
me, we both laughed, and you said, ‘shhh,….we don’t want to
wake up the neighborhood!’ Then you lost your balance, fell
onto the bed, and began snoring.”

“I insulted you and you fell in love with me?”

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